Brownsville is a residential neighborhood in Eastern Brooklyn that covers an area of 1.163 square miles. Home to over 58,300 residents as of the 2010 United States Census, it is a part of the Brooklyn Community District 16. Founded in 1858, Brownsville was originally home to Jewish factory workers, but the area is now much more diverse. If you are on the lookout for rooms for rent in Brownsville, read on to learn all about this fascinating neighborhood.

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Where is Brownsville?

Crown Heights, Bedford–Stuyvesant, and Cypress Hills towards the North, border Brownsville. East New York is to the East, Canarsie is to the South, and East Flatbush is to the West. If you are searching for rooms for rent in Brownsville, the ZIP codes for the neighborhood are 11212 and 11233. Brownsville is under the service of the 73rd Precinct, located at 1470 East New York Avenue.

Find Rooms for Rent in Brownsville

There are over 28,298 housing units in Brownsville, with many public housing projects of various kinds. Furthermore, Brownsville is home to one of the densest public housing areas, bordered by Powell Street and Rockaway, Livonia, and Sutter Avenues. Hence, it is possible to find more affordable places to live in Brownville. And with residential development, there are a variety of options that you can check out.

Average rent in Brownsville

Brownsville has an abundance of low-income housing and affordable spaces if you’re after cheap rooms for rent in Brownsville. Additionally, there are also several mixed-use projects that you can explore.

Rooms for rent in BrownsvilleAverage Rent
1 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Brownsville$807
2 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Brownsville$1,614
3 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Brownsville$2,421

Is Brownsville safe?

While Brownsville is sometimes given a bad reputation due to its past, the reality is quite different. If you are looking for rooms for rent in Brownsville and want to know more, here are some resources for you to check out the safety of the area.

  • Areavibes: Areavibes is a great, free website that provides information on livability, safety, crimes, cost of living, etc. It sources this information from residents and can be insightful when you’re searching for the best rooms in Brownsville.
  • Niche: Niche is another great website that provides you with reviews and information on a neighborhood. If you’re planning a move to Brownsville, you can read reviews and insights from people already living in the area.
  • Hotline numbers: Falling under the Brooklyn Community District 16, Brownsville is served by the 73rd Precinct. Here are the hotline numbers to remember: dial 911 to reach the emergency services or police, while other non-emergency services can be reached on 311.

Public Transit in Brownsville

Image: New York City Subway

1. Walkability

With a walk score of 89 awarded by, Brownsville has great walkability. Furthermore, as the area is fairly compact, it’s easy to get around and most daily errands can be accomplished on foot.

2. Roads & Traffic

Brownsville is pretty easy to navigate with streets that tend to run North to South and align with the East New York street grid. This makes driving around Brownsville simple and traffic congestion is generally not an issue.

3. Nearby Train Stations

More than 85% of residents in Brownsville live within 0.5 miles of the subway and the majority of residents use public transportation. The New York City Subway’s IRT New Lots Line and BMT Canarsie Line pass through this neighborhood. You can easily access the New Lots Line from Saratoga Avenue to Junius Street or the Canarsie Line from Atlantic Avenue to New Lots Avenue.

4. Nearby Bus Stops

If you are searching for rooms for rent in Brownsville, you’ll be pleased to find it is very well connected by public buses. Brownsville is served by the MTA Regional Bus Operations which also operates all buses in the New York City Area. The B14, B15, B7, and B60 route buses pass through Brownsville providing easy access for residents. Furthermore, the B8, B35, and B47 also pass the outer borders of Brownsville, terminating along Hegeman Avenue in South Western Brownsville.

Restaurants in Brownsville

1. Rangoon

This restaurant is known for its homestyle Burmese cuisine. Local favorites include garlic noodles, tamarind pumpkin stew and curries served in banana leaves. In fact, if you’re in the area, this is one of the top restaurants in Brownsville to check out. Also, the outdoor seating and assortment of beers and wines make it a great place to enjoy a relaxing meal.

2. Crab Stop

Crab Stop is one of the best restaurants in Brownsville for a quick and delicious bite to eat. Specializing in Cajun seafood, wings, and cheesesteaks, this place is popular with seafood lovers. With fast service, fresh food, and a convenient location, this is a perfect spot for a snack. Be sure to drop by while you’re browsing rooms for rent in Brownsville.

3. Soul Jam Grill

Known as the ‘Jerk Chicken Specialists’, this joint is one of the most popular restaurants in Brownsville. Serving delicious Caribbean dishes like oxtail, Rasta pasta, and jerk chicken, this place is loved by all kinds of diners. With their generous portions and reasonable prices, you are sure to enjoy meals here time and again.

Parks in Brownsville

Lincoln Terrace Park, Via Landscape Structures
  • Lincoln Terrace: Located just east of the Crown Heights–Utica Avenue subway station, this park has gently sloping green spaces and playgrounds. Originally named after Abraham Lincoln, the park was renamed after a local resident, activist Arthur S. Somers. However, the park is still popularly known as Lincoln terrace and is a popular recreational spot.
  • Betsy Head Park: This park is located on the north side of Livonia Avenue and is home to an Olympic-size swimming pool and a play center. Moreover, the Betsy Head Play Center was the first individual city landmark to be designated in Brownsville by the Landmark Preservation Commission. This park is a great place if you want a place to unwind or entertain the kids.
  • Livonia Park: The Livonia Park is named after Livonia, located in the Baltic region of what is now Latvia and Estonia. The park opened on August 15, 1969, and its green spaces, benches, and recreational areas are still popular in Brownsville today.

What rappers are from Brownsville Brooklyn?

Brownsville is home to many prominent rappers who have gone on to establish themselves in the music industry. Moreover, its rich musical and cultural heritage makes Brownville an interesting neighborhood for prospective renters. If you are wondering what rappers are from Brownsville Brooklyn, here are some names you may recognize.

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Masta Ace: Duval Clear, better known by his stage name Masta Ace, is one of the biggest names to come out of Brownsville. Described by music journalist Peter Shapiro as “one of the great pure New York MCs”, he is an inspiration to many popular rappers. Collaborating with several American and international artists, he has an acclaimed series of songs and albums.

Sean Price: Sean Duval Price was a member of the underground hip hop collective Boot Camp Clik. He was also half of the duo Heltah Skeltah, performing under the name ‘Ruckus.’ Price formed the group ‘Random Axe’ with Guilty Simpson and producer Black Milk. Sadly passing away on August 8, 2015, he left behind a legacy in the music industry that lives on.

Thirstin Howl III: Victor DeJesus, better known by his stage name Thirstin Howl the 3rd is a rapper, producer, author, and entrepreneur. Hailing from Brownsville, he is also a founding member of the group, ‘Lo Lifes’. Known for rapping in both Spanish and English, he has several albums and is well known in the rap community.

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