If you’re looking to find rooms for rent in Bushwick, you’re in the right place. In this blog post, you’ll discover the average rent in Bushwick and learn more about this formerly notorious neighborhood. Despite its past, this community now has various entertainment venues and creative opportunities. Additionally, the many parks and restaurants in Bushwick are definitely worth visiting.

Bushwick is located in New York’s Brooklyn borough and is the setting for Saturday Night Fever— groovy baby! Due to its trendy lifestyle and low cost of living versus other NYC neighborhoods, the area’s demographics are in constant flux.

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Where is Bushwick?

The town lies in King County, in the northern part of Brooklyn borough, NYC. Chiefly, it’s surrounded by Ridgewood, Queens, Williamsburg, East New York, Highland Park, Brownsville, and Bedford-Stuyvesant.

Despite being an industrial area in its early days, there are many parks in Bushwick and recreational spaces to enjoy the quiet. Also, the flourishing art and bar culture add to the fun of searching for rooms for rent in Bushwick.

Find Rooms For Rent in Bushwick

A post-industrial town with very few high rise buildings, this neighborhood is one of the trendiest in Brooklyn. If you’re after hip rooms for rent in Bushwick, contemporary warehouse renovations and stylish lofts are popular options. The area is also becoming known for its street art and culinary walking tours, fantastic nightlife, and hipster lifestyle.

Average Rent in Bushwick

Due to the recent demand for properties in Williamsburg, the average rent price in Bushwick has relatively increased. Nevertheless, it’s still lower than most neighborhoods in NYC.

Neighborhoods in the area include Knickerbocker Avenue, Broadway, Flushing Avenue, and the Cemetery of the Evergreens. For artists and young professionals, there are many options when it comes to finding rooms for rent in Bushwick. Interestingly, prices are usually higher for places near subway stations.

Rooms for rent in Bushwick, BrooklynAverage Rent
1 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Bushwick$1,164
2 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Bushwick$2,558
3 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Bushwick$3,021

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Is Bushwick safe?

Staying safe in Bushwick really comes down to common sense. When you’re out exploring the many parks and restaurants in Bushwick, make sure you remain aware of your surroundings. Similarly, as with other parts of New York, we recommend that you don’t venture out alone at night.

However, crime rates in Bushwick are at a record low and the area is overseen by the NYPD, 83rd precinct. Here are some helpful numbers and apps you can use if you ever need them.

NYPD important numbers:

  • Emergency: 911
  • Non-Emergency: 311
  • NYPD General Inquiries: 646-610-5000

Urgent Care:

877.471.9091 – for medical emergencies.


New York City Housing Authority customer contact center can be reached at 718-707-7771. This is helpful for people living in public housing with questions related to:

  • Emergency repairs in your apartment or in a public space.
  • Heat and hot water issues.
  • General apartment repair appointments.
  • Information about housing applications offices.

Public Transit in Bushwick

As New York City spans five boroughs, the public transit system is extensive and complex. Use our guide to figure out the best way to get around before you go looking for rooms for rent in Bushwick.

1. Walkability

With a walk score of 95, Bushwick is an explorer’s paradise. Generally, you can comfortably accomplish your daily errands on foot.

2. Roads & Traffic

Roads and traffic conditions are very mixed and dependent on the area and time of day. Myrtle Ave, Bushwick Ave, and Irving Ave are busy streets, while Starr Street is a quiet residential area.

3. Nearby Train Stations

The NYC subway lines that run through Bushwick are J, L, M, and Z. L and M are the nearest to town. At the intersection of Wyckoff and DeKalb Avenues is the Dekalb Avenue Subway Station, where the L train runs frequently.

4. Nearby Bus Stops

NYC bus lines available are B13, B26, B38, B52, B54, B57 and B60.

Please check the app below for more detailed information on the train stations and bus services in Bushwick.

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Restaurants in Bushwick

As mentioned previously, the area’s demographics are very diverse. As a result, you’ll find everything from high-end to budget-friendly restaurants in Bushwick. Here are three of the best that we’d suggest you try.

1. Klom Klorm

Klom Klom is a great place to eat during a day of hunting for rooms for rent in Bushwick. With a name that literally means tasty, it offers lunch specials till 4 pm, 7-days a week. It’s also the most affordable Thai restaurant in Bushwick, so you’re bound to want more!

2. Bunna Cafe

Ever had a feast of Ethiopian vegetarian food? Well, you can do just that at Bunna Cafe. And once you’ve finished your meal, they also offer coffee (bunna) brewed with cardamom and cloves or Shai (tea) with demerara syrup, to wash it down.

3. Za – Ya

Za-Ya is a Japanese restaurant run by a Mongolian chef. Did we not say unique restaurants in Bushwick? With quality ingredients featured in small plates, ramen and sushi rolls, this place is a great lunch spot when you’re out viewing rooms for rent in Bushwick.

Parks in Bushwick

There are two community centers and several parks in Bushwick. These are great spots to relax after a long day at work or a tiring day searching for rooms for rent in Bushwick. Below are two of our favorite parks in the area.

Bushwick Park and Pool is in Flushing Avenue and has a free public pool for children and adults. In addition, it has a handball court, a children’s playground, and basketball courts.

Bushwick Inlet Park includes a multipurpose field for lacrosse, ultimate frisbee, football, rugby, and hockey. It also boasts a waterfront view, a green roof, and a playground.

Other parks in Bushwick:

  • Maria Hernandez Park
  • Bushwick Playground
  • Beaver Noll Park
  • Heisser Triangle
  • Green Central Knoll Park
  • Irving Square Park

Community centers:

  • Ridgewood Bushwick Youth Center.
  • Hope Gardens Multi-Service Center.

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Art Galleries near Bushwick, Brooklyn

As we’ve mentioned, this town is a hub for artists and performers. For this reason, there are various entertainment venues and art galleries all over the neighborhood. Just walking down the streets looking for rentals, will be like walking down an art gallery – no exaggeration. Here are some of the top art galleries to visit in Bushwick:

Good luck with your search for rooms for rent in Bushwick, and all the best with your move!

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