When you want easy access to trendy shopping centres, quirky eateries and endless activities, go ahead and find rooms for rent in Brooklyn, NY.From history buffs, and students, to young professionals trying to make their way in the corporate world, Brooklyn is home to an eclectic mix of people. The largest borough in New York City, what attracts people to move to studio apartments in Brooklyn?

Getting to Know Brooklyn, NY

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With three great waves of immigration in its history, it is no wonder that you won’t be hard pressed to find multicultural neighbourhoods in Brooklyn. The place has a rich history, which will fascinate you the more you learn about it. Brooklyn is known for its iconic food scene, and historical sites; you will find something new to explore every day.

Over the years, though, it has become a hub for young professionals, due to its growing tech scene and because of famous corporations and start-ups headquartered here. It is not unusual to meet someone who has come to the city to explore a new job opportunity.

It’s not all about work though, Brooklyn has some fun tourist attractions such as the Coney Island, Prospect Park, and more. Try to look around for rooms for rent in Brooklyn, NY, neighbourhoods which have some of the famous Brownstones; when you explore the city, you will feel a sense of familiarity, even if you haven’t been there before!

Finding Rooms for Rent in Brooklyn, NY

Whether you are looking to rent studio apartments in Brooklyn or aiming to buy a Brownstone, it’s going to cost you a pretty penny. Finding rooms for rent in Brooklyn, NY is not too challenging as many move here for their jobs.

Park Slope: From young professionals, to budding filmmakers and artists, this neighbourhood has an eclectic mix of people who give it its unique personality. Be careful though, Park Slope is one of the most expensive neighbourhoods in Brooklyn.

Bedford-Stuyvesant: When you want to find more affordable apartments in Brooklyn for rent, this is the place to be. A bustling food scene makes it the ideal spot, especially if you like Southern-style and Caribbean cuisine.

Williamsburg: An ideal place to find studio apartments in Brooklyn if you are a budding professional in NYC. It is not only close to the business area but also home to some interesting restaurants and bars, allowing you to wind down at the end of a workday.

Average Rent in Brooklyn, NY

Rooms in BrooklynAverage Rent
Studio Apartment in Brooklyn$1952
1 Bedroom in Brooklyn$1768
2 Bedroom in Brooklyn$2864
3 Bedroom in Brooklyn$3606

University Life in Brooklyn, NY

Reliable public transport, and convenient bike paths make moving around Brooklyn a breeze. If you’re a student in Brooklyn, rejoice! You have free access to two of the most famous spots in the borough, the Brooklyn Botanical Garden and the Brooklyn Museum.

Living in Brooklyn can be expensive; it’s a good idea to start looking for roommates in the city as soon as possible unless you can afford rooms for rent in Brooklyn for $500.

The food scene is diverse, with plenty of opportunities to explore diverse authentic cuisines. Explore your love for arts, music and more in the city, with plenty of fairs taking place throughout the year. As a student, you are likely to have the time of your life, so start hunting for apartments in Brooklyn, right away!

Universities in Brooklyn that you may be interested in:

  1. Pratt Institute
  2. Brooklyn College
  3. City University of New York (CUNY)
  4. Kingsborough Community College
  5. Joseph’s College

How Transit Friendly is Brooklyn, NY?

Reliable public transport makes life easier, especially for young professionals. Owning a car isn’t a necessity, but it doesn’t hurt either. Be careful though, as Brooklyn does not have a permit parking system which can make parking your car challenging.

1. Walkability

The pleasant weather and clear sidewalks make walking around Brooklyn a breeze. Be careful though, Brooklyn is the largest borough in NYC, so it might take you a while to get to your destination on foot.

2. Traffic

If you are planning on getting a car, or travelling via a cab, keep plenty of time in hand. Traffic is a problem in any part of NYC, but seems to be especially bad in some neighbourhoods. During rush hours and office timings, you can expect your car to move at a snail’s pace.

3. Taxis

Green cabs, which are designated for the outer boroughs of New York, such as the Bronx and Brooklyn, are another convenient way to get around in Brooklyn. If you’re not a fan of waiting around for a cab like most other residents, Uber and Lyft will be your friend.

4. Public Transportation

No car? No worries! Though people may complain about the NYC Subway, it is the most affordable and reliable way to get around the city. With 170 subway stations scattered throughout the borough, the NYC subway is the most convenient way to get around, but it isn’t the only option.

With 55 bus routes (most on old streetcar lines) across Brooklyn, buses are another reliable form of transportation. When you are new to the city, you can download MTA’s official Bus Time app to know when to catch your bus.

Over 9 million riders use the Ferry system annually, making it one of the most popular ways of getting around, especially those who live in the waterfront neighbourhoods. Th

5. Airports

You can access three of New York’s Airports from Brooklyn via public transport, ride shares, or driving yourself. If you’ve lived in Brooklyn for a while, you will know to avoid Newark as much as possible. JFK and LGA are the best option, with JFK International Airport being the most accessible one.

6. Is Brooklyn Cycle-friendly?

Ocean Parkway is home America’s first Bike Path; hence, it comes as no surprise that Brooklyn is a great option for those who love to cycle. Currently, Brooklyn has over 300 miles in bike lanes across the borough, ensuring a safe ride for all. For those without a bike who don’t want to miss out on the fun, it is easy to rent one from Citi Bike, a bike share initiative by New York.

e Ferry system is expanding, and newer stops are being added throughout the city to make it more accessible to people.

Historical Landmarks in Brooklyn

Brooklyn is home to some famous historical sites, such as:

  1. Brooklyn Bridge
  2. Coney Island
  3. Jane’s Carousel

Cultural Activities in Brooklyn

Explore the cultural attractions of Brooklyn:

  1. Academy of Music, Brooklyn
  2. Brooklyn Botanic Garden
  3. Brooklyn Museum

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