Bensonhurst, once known as Brooklyn’s “Little Italy,” was recently designated the most racially diverse neighborhood in New York City. Are you planning to move to this beautiful, multi-ethnic neighborhood? Well, before making the big move, here’s your neighborhood guide covering all key info. Keep it handy for details on average rent and restaurants in Bensonhurst. Certainly, this neighborhood guide will make your search for rooms for rent in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn much easier.

Let’s get started!

Where is Bensonhurst?

Bensonhurst is a peaceful residential neighborhood in the southwestern section of NYC where many families live. Home to both Little Italy and Brooklyn’s second Chinatown, this neighborhood is rich with diversity. Despite the newcomers, New Yorkers love this area’s friendly atmosphere, numerous shopping options, and easy access to public transportation.

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Find Rooms For Rent in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn

Housing in Bensonhurst is diverse, though it primarily consists of luxury condominiums, single/multi-family brick houses, and coops. This area is especially ideal for residents who are Brooklyn-based and commute to jobs within the borough.

Average Rent in Bensonhurst

Since Bensonhurst is a small neighborhood, inventory tends to be low. Many of the residents are young families and elite professionals. Further, you can find a roommate to help you save money on your basic living expenses.

Rooms For Rent In Bensonhurst, BrooklynAverage Rent
1 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Bensonhurst$880
2 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Bensonhurst$1,760
3 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Bensonhurst$2,130

Is Bensonhurst safe?

Before moving to this new place, you might wonder ‘is Bensonhurst safe?’ Well, we have answers to all your safety concerns in this neighborhood guide! Here are a few apps that provide useful neighborhood knowledge that make the process of finding rooms for rent in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, hassle-free. Moreover, get access to vital information- all for free!

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  • AreaVibes: AreaVibes is a tool that provides a livability score based on your Zip Code. The livability score uses an algorithm to weigh amenities, cost of living, safety rates, education, employment, housing, and weather.
  • NextDoor: The best way to keep updated about what’s going on in your area is to use NextDoor. It’s a private social network for your neighborhood where you can exchange safety tips, report suspicious activities, and even arrange a last-minute babysitter.
  • Trulia: This site does a great job of helping you find the average rent in Bensonhurst and restaurants. Also, it gives you reviews from local residents, details on groceries, safety, and shopping. It’s an essential app to refer to while looking for rooms for rent in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn.
  • Hotline Numbers: 911 and 311 are the two helpful numbers New York residents use to get info or for emergencies. Basically, 311 is a type of citizens’ hotline. It’s a simple way for you to report problems or ask questions about your community without tying up emergency lines or going through frustrating municipal channels. You can call to report issues like abandoned vehicles, road repairs, noise complaints, and graffiti. By adding a second channel for citizens to report problems, 911 operators are free to address emergencies.

Public Transit in Bensonhurst

1. Walkability

This neighborhood is the 76th most walkable neighborhood in New York with a Walk Score of 93. With eateries at every corner, it’s a walker’s paradise! Moreover, daily errands do not require a car and are accessible on foot.

2. Roads & Traffic

Bensonhurst is a nice neighborhood, and it’s very quiet and safe. It’s definitely worth it to live in this neighborhood, the rent is cheaper and the commute is convenient. Overall, it’s a neighborhood worth to live in.

– Current resident via Niche

3. Nearby Train Stations

Being familiarized with transit options can help save time while looking for rooms for rent in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn.

The N train runs east and west across the area just above 64th Street, stopping at 62nd Street, 18th Avenue, 20th Avenue and Bay Parkway. The elevated D train, which follows New Utrecht Avenue and then 86th Street, cuts diagonally from the northwest corner of the neighborhood to the southeast.

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4. Nearby Bus Stops

The following transit lines have routes that pass near the neighborhood.

Roomi Tip: You can take B6 bus to the end of Bay Parkway, walk to Lower New York Bay, and then enjoy the breathtaking promenade all the way to Verrazano Bridge!

Restaurants in Bensonhurst

While looking for rooms for rent in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn – don’t forget to explore the neighborhood. Nothing compares to the flavor of authentic cuisine prepared with the hearts of the cultures who created it. This contributes to the neighborhood’s reputation as a hub of delicious and traditional cuisine from all walks of life.

1. Lenny’s

Lenny’s has some of the best pizza in all of Brooklyn. Its authentic New York pizzas makes it one of the greatest Italian restaurants in Bensonhurst, if not all of NYC.

2. Hand Pull Noodle & Dumpling House

Hand Pull Noodle & Dumpling House has a fantastic variety of traditional Chinese food for a great price. This place comes in first among the most spectacular restaurants in Bensonhurst.

3. El Tololoche

If you’re looking for a filling Mexican meal, there aren’t many restaurants in Bensonhurst that can compare to this one. El Tololoche is a must-try that will leave you wanting more!

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Parks in Bensonhurst

In addition to a variety of rooms for rent in Bensonhurst, the neighborhood offers attractive outdoor spaces. Here you’ll find gorgeous greenways overlooking the sights of the city. There’s also plenty of facilities for recreational activities.

  • Bordering the Lower New York Bay, is Bensonhurst Park, offering a promenade walkway and excellent water views.
  • Dreier Offerman Park, also along the bay and just outside the southern border of the neighborhood, plays host to the annual Great Irish Fair.

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Grocery Stores in Bensonhurst

1. Picnic Gourmet Market

Picnic Gourmet Market is a brand new and convenient bodega for people in the neighborhood. There’s a full deli counter that offers sandwiches and prepared foods, in addition, to produce, dry goods and over-the-top desserts, and bakery selection.

This store is known to provide excellent customer service among all of Bensonhurst’s grocery stores!

2. Bensonhurst Market

Having grocery stores near potential rooms for rent in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn is a must!

Here, you can have a fun and convenient shopping experience, with all essential products at affordable prices.

3. Food Town

Grocery stores in Bensonhurst are plenty, but Foodtown stands out for being a one-stop grocery store! For 66 years, the Foodtown banner has proudly served the communities of New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. If you’re looking for grocery stores in Bensonhurst that offer fresh produce, head to this store.

With this we’ve come to the end of our neighborhood guide to Bensonhurst. Happy moving!

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