There’s a lot to love about the East Bronx. The community is diverse and the culture is vibrant and alive. It’s also a place where there’s plenty of connection to nature, with its lush forests, parks, and waterways. East Bronx offers residents a unique opportunity to be part of an exciting evolution from what was once one of America’s worst places to live. There are countless reasons why you would want to find rooms for rent in East Bronx. With its beautiful architecture and rich cultural history, this neighborhood has offered so many different opportunities for people looking for a new life. Here are some insights into what makes this up-and-coming neighborhood so special.

Getting to know East Bronx

The East Bronx is the eastern half of the Bronx borough in New York City, located east of the Bronx River. It is mainly residential and currently has more than 2.5 million people living in it. Of late, the distinctions between the East and West Bronx are mostly ignored. Prior to the 1970s, New Yorkers thought of the Bronx as being divided into two halves, one eastern and one western.

Summers in The Bronx are hot and humid. However, winters are very cold and windy. And the weather is rainy and partially overcast all year long. The temperature generally ranges from 27°F to 85°F throughout the year, with temperatures seldom falling below 13°F or rising over 93°F. So, look for rooms for rent in East Bronx with climate control to stay comfortable!

Finding rooms for rent in East Bronx

This is a place for everyone, whether you’re a first-year college student or a family of four. Although the average rent in East Bronx is a little pricey, finding inexpensive rooms for rent in East Bronx is not difficult, making this part of the city ideal for living.

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Average rent in East Bronx

This area currently has a population of 1,436,785 people living in 490,740 households, with at least 80.93% of the people residing in this county renting their houses. In general, the typical rental price in East Bronx is $2,000, or $25 per square foot. Below is a more thorough breakdown of rental prices by bedroom size for your convenience.

Rooms for rent in East BronxAverage Rent
1 Bedroom Apartment In East Bronx$901
2 Bedroom Apartment In East Bronx$1,802
3 Bedroom Apartment In East Bronx$2,274

Is East Bronx safe?

Is finding rooms for rent in East Bronx a good idea? How about raising a family? Which neighborhoods in the East Bronx are the best?

The Bronx is not just secure, but it is also a fantastic area to live, work, and visit! It’s a big borough with lots of different areas and attractions.

How transit-friendly is the East Bronx

1. Walkability

According to Walkscore, East Bronx has a relatively good walk score. That means most residential areas are within walking distance to restaurants, coffee places, groceries, parks, schools, and more. You can also find rooms for rent in East Bronx quickly by wandering about the neighborhoods!

2. Trains

The East Bronx will soon get Metro-North service. Hunts Point, Parkchester/Van Nest, Morris Park, and Co-Op City will be among the borough’s four new stops. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to significantly expand access to the Bronx from the City and the region. The new stations are part of the MTA’s Penn Station Access project, which will connect the East Bronx directly to Manhattan.

Other neighborhoods around East Bronx

  • Bronx: Bronx Zoo is a must-see if sightseeing is on your agenda. Just hop on the metro at Morris Park Station or Station (Esplanade) to see more of the area.
  • Harlem: Art Galleries, live music and theaters highlight some notable features of Harlem. Make a stop to the Apollo Theater or Striver’s Row while you’re visiting.
  • Flushing: Flushing is known for it’s ample dining options. Also, you can stop by Flushing Meadows-Corona park and USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center while in the area.

Restaurants in East Bronx


This is a vibrant Latino-Chinese restaurant with sheltered sidewalk seating and a beautiful dining room. It has been operational for 39 years. You may check out their menu on their website and place an order for a delicious supper.


Travesias offers a unique fusion of dishes, spices, and techniques from all over the world that will take your palate to places you never knew existed. It is a snug space with travel-themed decor. Check out their website to learn more and make a reservation.

Enzo’s Restaurant

Enzo’s, in the Bronx’s Belmont neighborhood, defies traditional dining expectations. Located in the center of Arthur Avenue, Enzo’s serves authentic modern Italian dishes created with fresh, local ingredients. Visit their website to learn more.

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Parks in East Bronx

While the East Bronx is not a very sought-out place, it offers a variety of recreational opportunities. This area is accessible to three parks: Bronx Park, Haffen Park, and Van Nest Park. It also has smaller playgrounds like Eastchester Playground and Givan Square.

Gyms in East Bronx

Regular physical activity can help you feel more energetic, improve focus and attention, and promote a better outlook. If you’re looking to join a gym for the first time or are already a fitness fanatic, East Bronx provides a few decent options. Some of them are Retro Fitness, LA Fitness, and Planet Fitness.

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