Soon after moving to the Bronx, you will discover it doesn’t live up to its tough or terrifying reputation after all. Those living there amidst its economical revival do have extra grit under their nails but if anything your willingness to forgo age-old myths about the borough will have you fitting right in. Just bring a NY Yankees snapback and you’re good to go. Still, having second thoughts about living in the Bronx? Here are 6 best-kept Bronx secrets that will have you wonder why you’d want to live anywhere below 72nd street. Dreamy Bronx house, here we come!

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Here’s why you need to start living in the Bronx!

1. The greenest of them all

The Bronx is home to three of NYC’s ten largest parks including Pelham Bay Park at about 2,800 acres of lush green.  Speaking of acres, there’s the Botanical Gardens 250 worth of nurseries and 28 specialty gardens. The gardens attract 800,000 annual visitors seeking solace from the concrete jungle, imagine if this was just a part of your neighborhood!? Go get that Bronx house, gurl! #blessed

2. The Beach

Bronxites don’t mind people being intimidated by their borough, especially because it means having Orchard Beach to themselves. Living in the Bronx = snack shacks, volleyball, hoops, it’s all right there on the coast of NYC’s “mainland” neighborhood.

3. Living in the Bronx means soaking up all the cultural diversity

Bronx has its own Little Italy where you can find authentic cured meats that are seemingly sent from Venetian gods. A little more modern history and culture are the Hush Tours, a showstopping reminder of Bronx’s role in the hip hop movement in the ’80s. If you like a less hands on cultural experience there is the Bronx Museum of the Arts.

4. Living in the Bronx is SAFE!

When you take into consideration total crime, violent crime, non-violent crime, and neighborhood population, of New York City’s top 20 safest neighborhoods four of them are in the Bronx. These include Country Club, Silver Beach, Riverdale, and City Island. Brooklyn only landed one neighborhood on the list. Crazy right? Maybe this will help you pick between a Bronx house or a Brooklyn house!

5. There is cool sh*t to do and it’s affordable

The Bronx is home to the country’s largest metropolitan zoo. More than 6,000 animals spread across 265 acres in Bronx Park and a children’s zoo, aquarium, and 4D theater. The Bronx is also pretty proud of the countless celebrities who call the borough. The Hall Of Fame For Great Americans was created back in 1900 to pay honor to the likes of Ben Franklin, Eli Whitney, and Mark Twain. You can enjoy top-notch entertainment without the snobbery at the Lehman Center and throw back a cold one afterward at The Alehouse.

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6. Cost of living is low

The Bronx is the most affordable borough to live in. This isn’t just because you won’t have to live in a walk-in closet for 3k a month. There are hidden costs to living in NYC that people forget to take into consideration. When it comes to groceries, entertainment, dining, transportation, and pretty much everything else, Bronx takes the cake.

Let it be known that the Bronx is safe and beautiful, loaded with good cuisine, culture, and entertainment. There is nothing to fear and everything to be enjoyed without breaking the bank….on second thought, maybe we’ll keep it a secret.

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