Known as “Brownstone Brooklyn”, Cobble Hill is a neighborhood in New York City with “one of the city’s finest collections of 19th-century houses”. It is a mainly residential area with families that have been living there for decades and if you’re curious as to what this neighborhood holds, read on! This guide is here to tell you everything you need to know, from restaurants, public transport, and parks, to rooms for rent in Cobble Hill and how much the average rent in Cobble Hill is.

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Where is Cobble Hill, Brooklyn?

Cobble Hill is an upscale neighborhood right in the heart of Brooklyn, known for the rows of houses and brownstones lining the streets. Bordering Atlantic Avenue, Court Street, Degraw Street, and the Brooklyn Queens Expressway, the neighborhood is an enclave of infamous businesses, bookshops, and historical programs.

Find Rooms For Rent in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn

With its movie-set stoops and tree-lined streets, Cobble Hill feels homely and familiar — even if you’ve never been there before. And if you’re after rooms for rent in Cobble Hill, you don’t have to look far! The neighborhood offers not only brownstone houses, but also several new condos and apartment buildings to rent.

Average Rent in Cobble Hill

Rooms for rent in Cobble HillAverage Rent
1 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Cobble Hill$1,661
2 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Cobble Hill$3,322
3 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Cobble Hill$3,882

Is Cobble Hill safe?

Before making the big move and finding rooms for rent in Cobble Hill, it’s important to know whether you’ll be safe or not in a new neighborhood. The crime rate in Cobble Hill is below average and violent crimes are remarkably low. Just remember to be mindful of your belongings and don’t walk alone at night.

To be safe, here are the emergency hotlines to take note of:

  • 911 is the universal emergency hotline in New York City.
  • 311 is for non-emergency situations that require authority like road problems or any serious complaints.

Public Transit in Cobble Hill

1. Walkability

Cobble Hill is considered one of the most walkable neighborhoods in New York City, ranking 34th with a walk score of 97. The streets of Cobble Hill are filled with family-run stores and businesses to help with your errands, and nearby Boerum Hill and Caroll Gardens are within walking distance, too.

2. Roads and Traffic

Traffic is not a problem in a quaint neighborhood like Cobble Hill. The area has roads wide enough for cars to pass by and people to walk through. And with a walk score of 97, you certainly don’t need a car to get around! Of course, there are always plenty of ride sharing services available for those times when you simply want a lift somewhere.

3. Nearby Train Stations

The closest subway station is along Bergen Street serving the F (Queens Avenue Express/Sixth Avenue Local) and G (Brooklyn-Queens Crosstown Local) trains.

4. Nearby Bus Stops

In Cobble Hill, the bus stop is next to the train station, making the commute even easier for you. The B61 and B63 buses pass by Atlantic Avenue, while the B57 goes through Court Street. Why not hop on one of the areas many buses to check out the many different restaurants in Cobble Hill? Keep reading to find out our favorites!

Restaurants in Cobble Hill

While deciding on which apartment to rent or thinking about the average rent in Cobble Hill, take a breather and have a meal at these fantastic restaurants in the Cobble Hill neighborhood.

1. La Vara

A quick search of “the best restaurants in Cobble Hill” will lead you to La Vara — a cozy restaurant on Clinton Street that serves up a mean tapas menu. The menu focuses on Southern Spanish cuisine with Jewish and Moorish influences. Their berenja con miel (crispy eggplant) and fideuá (Valencia-style noodle paella) are only some of the best sellers in the restaurant. And the food isn’t the only great thing about this restaurant in cobble Hill — the quiet and narrow brick-walled room of La Vara makes the dining experience even better.

Check them out here.

2. June

June is the perfect restaurant for those with a penchant for wine. They mostly serve small plates, like potato croquettes and chicken Milanese, that are perfect to pair with their extensive wine list. If you’re having a hard time choosing from the menu, their friendly staff are always ready to help and recommend the perfect wine to go with your meal.

Check out the June menu on their website.

3. Lucali

Just like Cobble Hill, Lucali is warm and welcoming. The restaurant gives you a taste of Italy with their simple, yet heavenly pizzas. When you’re next in town, why not try one of their best-selling margarita pizzas and calzone? You can even go crazy with extra toppings!

Learn more about them here (psst: they even have an app!)

Parks in Cobble Hill

After having a full meal in the best restaurants in Cobble Hill, take a stroll in some of the beautiful parks in the area.

  • Cobble Hill Park: Right in the heart of the neighborhood sits Cobble Hill Park where adults and children alike can spend a day out. The park dates back to the 1960s and was reconstructed in 1989 to better suit the 19th-century architecture of the neighborhood.
  • Van Voorhees Playground: The name of the park is in honor of Tracy S. Voorhees, an attorney and World War II veteran who made generous contributions to the City. The land was actually a gift from the Long Island College Hospital and was funded in 2000 to build tennis, handball, and basketball courts, some fitness equipment, and playgrounds.

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Shopping in Cobble Hill

Finding rooms for rent in Cobble Hill wouldn’t be complete without a little shopping on the side! The neighborhood may be small and have an old-school vibe, but it’s still home to some trendy shops you just have to check out.

  • Pick up some knickknacks at Woods Grove: Located at 302 Court St., Woods Grove is a small boutique that sells gifts and equipment, like keychain fobs and handmade candles. You can find arts and crafts, and a selection of vintage items in this eccentric shop.
  • Fill your bookshelves at Books Are Magic: As the old saying goes, you can never have too many books! Books Are Magic is a charming bookstore at 225 Smith St. that opened in 2017. They sell all kinds of books and even host events for their local bookworms.
  • Shop for clothes at Bird: Just right in front of Books Are Magic is Bird, a small fashion boutique that offers local and international designers. They even sell some limited edition collections, so it’s definitely worth popping in for a look!

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