Known for being Manhattan’s most famous neighborhood, the Upper West Side has a reputation for housing the most elegant neighborhoods. Not only is the area mostly residential, but it also boasts popular attractions seen in movies and television. There are also historic buildings, iconic restaurants and bars, and extraordinary shops scattered throughout.

The following neighborhood guide will help you get acquainted with the Upper West Side. We’ll be talking about the average rent, safety, and even filming locations from your favorite sitcoms!

Where is the Upper West Side?

The Upper West Side is in the middle of Riverside and Central Park and covers a large part of upper Manhattan. The neighborhood attracts people from different backgrounds due to its upstanding reputation. Furthermore, it is a cultural hotspot with the American Museum of Natural History, Columbia University, and The Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts just around the corner.

Find Rooms for Rent in Upper West Side

The neighborhood is an exclusive residential area with many townhouses and apartment buildings. So, your hunt for rooms for rent in the Upper West Side should be an easy one!

Average Rent in Upper West Side

Rooms for rent in Upper West SideAverage Rent
1 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Upper West Side$2,283
2 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Upper West Side$3,276
3 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Upper West Side$4,290

Is the Upper West Side safe?

Yes, the Upper West Side is a safe area, as is most of New York City. However, it’s important to make sure you’re always aware of your surroundings and trust your gut! If a situation doesn’t sit right with you, leave. It is best to make a note of the below apps while in the area, just in case. Also, they may come in handy while finding rooms for rent in Upper West Side!

  • Citizen: Citizen is an app that provides real-time safety alerts in the city.
  • NextDoor: NextDoor is social media platform connecting neighbors together! You can read and make posts about anything happening in the neighborhood.
  • Neighbors by Ring: Similar to Citizen, Neighbors by Ring gives real-time crime and safety alerts with the help of your neighbors.

Public Transit in the Upper West Side

1. Walkability

Walking around to find rooms for rent in Upper West Side is no problem, as the neighborhood is the 27th most walkable in New York. With a walk score of 98, the Upper West Side is a walker’s paradise and a wonderland for public transportation!

2. Roads & Traffic

Many of the blocks around the neighborhood have a homey and small-town feel to them. The streets may get busier near Columbus Circle, as it is the center of the neighborhood and public transportation hub.

3. Nearby Train Stations

The New York City Subway serves the Upper West Side with two stations: one under Broadway (trains 1, 2, and 3) and another under Central Park West (trains A, B, C, and D). Using the subway is convenient to find the best restaurants in Upper West Side.

4. Nearby Bus Stops

You can find numerous bus routes going to and from the Upper West Side. These include the M5, M7, M10, M11, M104. For crosstown routes, take note of the buses M66, M72, M79, SBS, M96, and M106.

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Restaurants in Upper West Side

Image: Café Luxembourg, New York

Thinking of the average rent in Upper West Side may make you hungry. Therefore, we’ve listed a few of the best restaurants in the area to keep your mind and stomach occupied!

1. Absolute Bagels

If you’re looking for a simple breakfast bagel, Absolute Bagels definitely delivers. Start your day on a positive note with a bagel and cream cheese, strawberry spread, Nova Salmon, or even olive and pimento Tofutti. They also make Thai iced tea that is a perfect drink to complement their bagels.

2. Mama’s Too

You can’t talk about restaurants in Upper West Side without mentioning a pizza spot. And Mama’s Too will have you drooling over its pepperoni slices. For those who like an extra kick in their pies, try the Angry Nonna. Caution: it’s spicy!

Check their menu here.

3. Café Luxembourg

Café Luxembourg is a French restaurant with dim lighting and red-leather booths for date nights and casual dinners. Make sure to order their French Onion Soup, Pan Roasted Chicken, and NY Strip Steak Frites.

Learn more on their website.

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Parks in the Upper West Side

  • Central Park: Recognizable from its roles in many classic films, Central Park is one of the most famous parks in the world. It is a manmade wonder right in the middle of Manhattan. The park has many facilities open to the public, such as fishing areas, tennis and volleyball courts, and 21 playgrounds! After searching for rooms for rent in Upper West Side, Central Park is one of the best places to wind down.
  • Theodore Roosevelt Park: As its namesake suggests, this park is dedicated to Theodore Roosevelt and is counted as one of the best small parks in New York. It neighbors the American Museum of Natural History, which gives visitors opportunities to learn about nature and experience it in one area. Additionally, grabbing take-out from the best restaurants in Upper West Side and having a picnic in the park is an Upper West Side tradition!
  • Riverside Park: At four miles long along the Hudson River, Riverside Park is regarded as Manhattan’s most spectacular waterfront park. Originally constructed between 1937 and 1941, the park has been updated to include modern features like a skate park, sports courts, playgrounds, and more. You can see more activities and events in the park here.

Sitcoms shot in the Upper West Side

Image: The apartment at How I Met Your Mother
  • How I Met Your Mother: A classic American sitcom known for its gags and life lessons features a group of friends traversing through life in Manhattan, New York. The main character, Ted Mosby, lives in an apartment in the Upper West Side at 150 W. 85th Street. So, if you’re getting ready to visit, watch this sitcom to get a feel for the neighborhood.
  • 30 Rock: Created by famed SNL writer Tina Fey, this sitcom satirizes what it’s like to work on a sketch comedy show in New York City. The show’s main character, Liz Lemon, lives at 160 Riverside Drive, right in the middle of the Upper West Side.
  • Will & Grace: Similar to How I Met Your Mother, Will & Grace features two best friends living in New York City. The sitcom is considered one of the most successful television series with gay main characters. You can check out their apartments at 155 Riverside Drive with Will at apartment 9C and Grace at apartment 9A!

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