Are you thinking of moving or visiting Flushing in Queens, New York? Whatever the case, a visit or looking for rooms for rent in Flushing will be new to you. Thus, read this city guide to know about the safety, public transit options, and parks in Flushing. We aim to provide pertinent information to help when looking for rooms for rent in Flushing.

From the get-go, you’ll notice Flushing is a melting pot where you will find Taiwanese, Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Hispanic, Afghan, Pakistani, Indian, and European Americans. Also, it’s home to the second-largest Chinatown in NYC. Therefore, we’ve included a few must-try restaurants in Flushing that highlight its Asian cuisine.

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Where is Flushing

Downtown Flushing

Flushing is part of New York City in the Queens borough! It is the fourth largest central business district of NYC and lies in the north center of Queens. The town is also part of Queens Community Board 7, which includes Bay Terrace, Beechhurst, College Point, Linden Hill, Malba, Murray Hill, Queensboro Hill, Whitestone, and Willets Point. Looking for rooms for rent in Flushing is a great idea as it possesses an incredible amalgamation of urban and suburban quality. Main Street and Roosevelt Avenue is a highly commercial-oriented area, and it stretches several blocks in every direction.

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Find Rooms For Rent in Flushing

Flushing is fast becoming a popular place for those living in and outside of the city to move to. Meanwhile, as a student looking for rooms for rent in Flushing, it is excellent, given that it’s a highly student-friendly location. For the same reason, this town has excellent amenities and services that cater to students’ needs, besides excellent educational institutions. Moreover, the parks in Flushing are great locations to spend a relaxed day off outdoors.

Also, when looking for rooms for rent in Flushing, keep in mind that it’s home to mostly sales and service workers. In order of population, you’ll also find people in management, executive, and professional occupations and other residents employed in the tech support, assistant, and clerical fields. Lastly, you’ll find people working in laborer and manufacturing occupations. Generally, people in Flushing are down-to-earth and hard-working.

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Average Rent in Flushing


Most of the real estate in this town is renter-occupied, and comparatively, the demand to the supply is limited. That’s to say, rooms for rent in Flushing don’t stay on the market long. There are older neighborhoods with well-established homes built around the mid-90s. Although this may be true, the town mainly comprises compact to average-sized, high-rise apartments/apartment complexes and small apartment complexes. Ask for places close to parks in Flushing as they’ll have public transit options nearby.

Some sub-sections to consider if you are moving your family or yourself:

  • Broadway Flushing
  • Linden Hill
  • Murray Hill
  • Queensboro Hill
  • Waldeheim
Rooms for rent in FlushingAverage Rent
1 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Flushing$945
2 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Flushing$2,030
3 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Flushing$2,727

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Is Flushing Safe?

When looking for rooms for rent in Flushing or any other location, it’s imperative to check their safety. With a pleasant mix of college students and young working professionals, the town is fairly safe. However, there are areas where streets can be unsafe, mostly due to reckless driving. Although most areas are safe, be smart to avoid secluded areas at night. Overall, you’ll feel at home as Flushing is a foodie town with many entertainment venues and restaurants open late. In the event that you ever need them, we’ve listed important numbers below.

The NYPD 109th precinct patrols the area.

  • Emergency: 911
  • Non-Emergency: 311
  • NYPD General Inquiries: 646-610-5000

Additionally, you can use the Nextdoor app to discover things about your neighborhood, help, and reach out.

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Public Transit in Flushing

Here, the two most common modes of transportation people use regularly are walking and buses/trains.

1. Walkability

With a walk score of 89, you can accomplish most daily errands on foot. However, far distances can be inaccessible without a ride. So, depending on your reason for looking for rooms for rent in Flushing, choose wisely.

2. Roads & Traffic

Here, traffic is migraine-inducing, and so is parking. However, look for rooms for rent in Flushing nearby your work/college. We highly recommend using the public transit available.

3. Nearby Train Stations

Flushing–Main Street station: at Main Street and Roosevelt Avenue in Downtown Flushing, also known as Flushing Chinatown, Queens, is the eastern terminal on the IRT Flushing Line of the NYC Subway. Also, it is one of the two busiest local bus-subway interchanges in Queens and the largest in North America. Many wallet-friendly restaurants in Flushing are concentrated here.

4. Nearby Bus Stops

Buses serving downtown: Q12, Q13, Q14, Q15, Q16, Q17, Q20, Q21, Q25, Q28, Q34, Q44, Q65, and Q66. Below is a link to the MTA real-time Bus Schedules, as many services are affected due to the COVID pandemic.

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Restaurants in Flushing

When looking for rooms for rent in Flushing, you undoubtedly want to know the great places to eat/order. For this reason, we’ve noted a few must-try restaurants in Flushing.

1. Kyura Men

When looking for rooms for rent in Flushing, you will not be disappointed when you visit this Japanese-based ramen restaurant out of the many restaurants in Flushing. You will find Thai, Korean, and Tokyo ramen, with fresh, fragrant broths, served with pork/chicken and the ubiquitous half-marinated egg. They also do popcorn chicken and the Bao bun.

2. Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao

A northern Chinese restaurant serving Michelin-recommended Shanghainese food. After the best soup dumplings, and wonton meal, enjoy walking off the light, satisfying meal at one of the many parks in Flushing. It’ll help you to get to know the town.

3. The Coop Restaurant and Bar

A Korean restaurant serving an array of great drinks and food. Their fried chicken and kimchi egg rolls are popular dishes, along with their varied other treats!

Parks in Flushing

Exploring parks is a great way to learn an area’s vibe and culture, which helps you get to know a place better. You can people-watch and know the style and life of the communities. For this reason, here are three must-visit parks in Flushing.

  • Flushing Meadows-Corona Park: The largest public park in Queens is home to Flushing’s most famous landmark – the Unisphere. You can find the Unisphere in movies like Men in Black, Iron Man 2, and others. Outside the Unisphere, the park includes an indoor pool, a recreation center, and you can explore the park on foot, kayak, or a bicycle. Moreover, it has barbecues, fishing areas, eateries, marinas, playgrounds, zoos, museums, and more.
  • Queens Botanical Gardens: At the Queens Botanical Gardens, you can enjoy move nights, live performances, educational workshops, tours, art exhibitions, and more. From November to March, admissions are free. However, from April to October, there are fees.
    • Members FREE
    • Adults $6
    • Students w/ID $4
    • Children (age 4 thru 12) $2
  • Kissena Park: This park is ideal with a waterfront view of Kissena Lake bound by lush fauna and weeping willows. In case peace and quiet isn’t your thing, there is more to do here. You can ride your bike at the Kissena Park Velodrome, or play some handball and tennis. Whether you’re looking for peace or activity, both are readily available.

Shopping in Flushing

New World Mall

Queens Night Market: This is an open-air night market held from Summer to Fall, every Saturday evening. Hosting vendors and performers, you can visit this lively market by purchasing a ticket. We highly recommend you attend this market whenever a chance arises.

New World Shopping Center: This shopping center offers a variety of Asian and non-Asian shops, including oriental home decor, fashion apparel and accessories, electronics, video equipment and games, hairdressing salons, and more. If you are exhausted by all the hunting for rooms for rent in Flushing, come here to find all you can do under one roof. Eat, shop, discover, and explore.

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