West Los Angeles is an eclectic area known for its Japanese cafes and stores. This is a rather remarkable neighborhood in the city that is surrounded by even more intriguing ones. Are you planning a move to this hip neighborhood? Before making the big move, here’s your neighborhood guide with all the key info you’ll need. Keep it handy for details on average rent and restaurants in West Los Angeles. Our neighborhood guide will certainly make your search for rooms for rent in West Los Angeles much easier!

Where is West Los Angeles?

West LA is located on the western side of Los Angeles, as its name suggests. While the name may take the form of the city’s complete Western half, “West LA” refers to a specific location on the city’s Westside, roughly defined as being around the 405 Interstate. The neighborhood is bordered on the north by Westwood and on the east lies Century City. On the south there’s Cheviot Hills and Rancho Park, and on the west is Sawtelle.

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Find Rooms For Rent in West Los Angeles

The neighborhood comprises of a cluster of business buildings and shopping plazas along its main thoroughfares. For contrast, immediately behind them are calm lanes lined with small apartment complexes and modest single-family houses.

Average Rent in West Los Angeles

From beachside to city side or poolside to fireside, the variety of apartments and average rent in West Los Angeles stays pretty high. However, you can easily find a roommate to help you save money on your basic living expenses. Here is the current average rent in West Los Angeles:

Rooms for rent in West Los AngelesAverage Rent
1 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In West Los Angeles$1,159
2 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In West Los Angeles$2,726
3 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In West Los Angeles$4,236

Is West Los Angeles safe?

If you’re looking for a safe neighborhood in Los Angeles, you can’t go wrong with West LA. Compared to other areas of LA, this neighborhood is a very safe place to live. Here are a few apps that provide useful neighborhood knowledge to make the process of finding rooms for rent in West Los Angeles hassle-free. Browse through them before your visit and get access to vital information — for free!

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  • AreaVibes: This tool provides a livability score based on your zip code. The livability score uses an algorithm to weigh amenities, cost of living, safety rates, education, employment, housing, and weather.
  • Trulia: This site does a great job of helping you find the best restaurants and average rent in West Los Angeles. It also gives you reviews from local residents, details on groceries, safety, and shopping. It’s an essential app to refer to while looking for rooms for rent in West Los Angeles.
  • Hotline Numbers: 911 and 311 are among helpful numbers LA residents use to contact emergency services. 311 is a type of residents’ hotline that you can call to report issues like abandoned vehicles, road repairs, noise complaints, and graffiti. 911, on the other hand, is available for emergencies.

Public Transit in West Los Angeles

1. Walkability

This neighborhood is the 47th most walkable neighborhood in LA with a walk score of 69. It’s known as a pedestrian-friendly neighborhood and you can walk to most of the major local attractions. You’ll find that most of your daily errands don’t require a car, and you can easily get them done by foot.

2. Roads & Traffic

This area of LA has a regular flow of traffic, which is an advantage in a city known for its hustle and bustle. Check out the Traffic Map before starting your journey.

3. Nearby Metro Stations

Familiarizing yourself with transit options can help save time while looking for rooms for rent in West Los Angeles. Metro Expo Line can take you from Downtown L.A. to Santa Monica in under an hour. The Expo Line is part of the greater LA Metro Rail system, connecting the Santa Monica Metro Station with Hollywood, Pasadena, Long Beach and several points in between.

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4. Nearby Bus Stops

The bus lines 1, 4, CC 6 and CC 6R have routes that pass through the neighborhood and will help you reach any destination around the city.

Restaurants in West Los Angeles

You’re bound to work up an appetite while you’re out and about looking for rooms for rent in West Los Angeles. So, don’t forget to explore some of the many eateries in the neighborhood. Here are a few of our top picks:

1. Big Boi

Big Boi comes from B Sweet Dessert Bar founder Barb Batiste, who is best known for her Filipino-inspired desserts. This place comes is the most spectacular restaurant in West Los Angeles for its service.

2. Kato

Jon Yao’s Michelin-starred tasting menu restaurant draws tastes and ingredients from all around Asia, particularly Japan and Taiwan. This place is among the hidden gem restaurants in West Los Angeles – if not all of LA.

3. Sichuan Impression

If you’re looking for spicy mapo tofu, there aren’t many restaurants in West Los Angeles that can compare to this one. Alhambra’s Sichuan Impression serves a wide range of specialties, from saucy spaghetti-like special noodles to cold steamed chicken swimming in a chili sauce.

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Parks in West Los Angeles

LA Parks

In addition to a variety of rooms for rent in West Los Angeles, the neighborhood also offers attractive outdoor areas. Here you’ll find gorgeous green spaces overlooking the sights of the city.

  • Stoner Park: Neighborhood hub with a playground, recreation center, skate park & seasonal outdoor pool. This tree-filled city park is a beautiful place to stop for a picnic and for kids to play in the playground.
  • Park Mary M: This is the perfect spot to unwind with children after a day’s search for rooms for rent in West Los Angeles.
  • West LA Community Garden: Surrounded by huge trees and greenery, this garden is a peaceful place to enjoy nature in comfort.

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Nightlife in West Los Angeles

neat via Yelp
  • Sorry Not Sorry: Having bars near potential rooms for rent in West Los Angeles is a must for many! You’d find this throwback bar decked in a rose hue with snacks and many varieties of its popular pink wine.
  • Karaoke Bleu: Bustling late night watering hole, karaoke joint for craft cocktails and shots in glitzy environs is what this bar is all about.
  • neat.: Dark, intimate neighborhood bar for classic drinks, craft beer & wine. Plus, you can also enjoy happy hour and live music.

With this, we’ve come to the end of our neighborhood guide to West Los Angeles. Happy moving!

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