Let’s talk about moving to New York City.

The unending charm of New York has always been around, it seems. This city has seen it all and it continues to hold the title of “the city that never sleeps.” But if we were to introduce this city in one sentence, to someone who had (close to) no idea of what exactly New York was, we’d call it ‘the city of extremes.’ And it quite frankly tops Los Angeles when it comes to existing in these extremes. There are more billionaires in New York than anywhere else in the world, but at the same time, upwards of 60,000 people sleep on the streets. You can grab a slice of pizza for a dollar literally anywhere, all while paying close to and more than $3000/month if you’re renting a one-bedroom.

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When we look at New York geographically, it isn’t huge. If you’re moving here from any other city in the U.S., the transition might be overwhelming, given New York’s population density. More people live here than any other part of the U.S.; 8.7 million to be precise. It’s also a vital hub for many industries today, from media to finance, and from real estate to tech.

Before making your mind up about moving to New York, here are some things you should know about the Big Apple!

New York is its stereotypes and more

While there is an element of truth to all the New York-ish stereotypes that exist, like yeah we walk fast, are maybe rude and sometimes ruthlessly ambitious, the people you will find here are much more complex than what TV shows and movies have had all of us believe.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that almost half of New York’s population comprises of people who were born not just out of the city, but also out of the country.

New York is fast and surprisingly kind

Not all New Yorkers you meet will be unapproachable of course – on the most unsuspecting days you will find yourself getting help from the kindest of strangers. It’ll probably hit you when you least expect it, it in the form of clear directions or a door held open while you move your stroller or your groceries into your apartment building. For all of its rough edges, New York comes through in the most heart touching ways.

Picking a neighborhood will be difficult

This of course isn’t true for everyone, but picking a neighbourhood can be a tough job for those that don’t show up with the homework done.

Before moving to New York City, and to enhance your chances of loving it, we recommend taking ample time to choose your neighborhood. Don’t make any decisions based on what you have heard of places ‘x’ and ‘y’. Take your time understanding the many boroughs, what they stand for, and how they will affect the convenience in your life.

It’s also important to know that change will forever be a constant here. Knowing the history of your area, and respecting it are also key to getting the most out of where you live. This is especially true if you find yourself moving to a particularly gentrifying place. While it is always preferred to look after our own economic interests, but this shouldn’t come at the expense of the history of the place you are moving into, and the respect of the people who have lived there for years.

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There’s walking and then there is walking in New York

If you’re convinced you’re moving to New York City, we firmly suggest investing in multiple good walking shoes. Unless you’re one of those extremely lucky people who has a subway two steps away from both their commute stops, you can expect a considerable amount of walking.

But beyond that, exploring is something you should never stop doing in this city. The actual highest natural point of the eastern seaboard is located in Staten Island! And an entire section of old-growth forests, with trees that are centuries old can be found in the Bronx. You can both ride zip-lines and go  bouldering in Queens!

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New York is truly “the city that never sleeps”

Let me just put it this way: bars in New York are legally permitted to open at 7 am and stay open until 4 am! Be sure to expect places that take advantage of that. You’ll always run across a bodega or a drugstore that’s open into the earliest hours of dawn. Don’t be surprised if you find other facilities like gyms, spas, and restaurants also open around the clock!

There’s just so much to this city, and this article doesn’t do it justice. The best thing about living here is that you are constantly faced with something new, something completely unsuspected, a new challenge to your expectation is thrown at least bi-weekly and you just have to be ready to explore it all. That’s Nuuu-Yok, baby!

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