Greenpoint has gone from being an industrial neighborhood, famous for its shipbuilding, glasswork, and pencil manufacturing businesses, to an artsy, residential area, that’s becoming increasingly popular with renters. The neighborhood is nicknamed ‘Little Poland’, since it is home to a large Polish immigrant and Polish-American community. When you visit, you will find peaceful streets that are lined with boutiques and restaurants, and which offer incredible views.

Looking to move in? In this Greenpoint neighborhood guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about its location, transport links, the average rent, and where to find rooms for rent in Greenpoint.

Where is Greenpoint, Brooklyn?

Located in the northernmost part of Brooklyn is Greenpoint, a neighborhood also known as ‘Little Poland’. The area borders Williamsburg, Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, Newtown Creek, Long Island City, and East River. Greenpoint is a waterfront location, which made it popular as an immigrant-populated area focused on maritime.

Here’s a fun fact: the northernmost point of Brooklyn was once covered in trees, hence the name “Green Point”.

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Finding Rooms for Rent in Greenpoint, Brooklyn?

Are you looking to move to a quiet neighborhood with a bustling social scene? Then, you should definitely start looking for rooms for rent in Greenpoint. This neighborhood offers amazing food (read on to discover the best restaurants in Greenpoint!), great schools and parks for kids, and even an amazing view of the Manhattan skyline.

Average Rent in Greenpoint

Rooms for rent in GreenpointAverage Rent
1 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Greenpoint$1,554
2 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Greenpoint$2,730
3 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Greenpoint$3,633

Is Greenpoint safe?

Greenpoint is a quiet and safe neighborhood. However, you would not want to walk alone through the industrial part of the neighborhood at night. Keep a note of these numbers in case you run into trouble anywhere in New York City while looking for rooms to rent in Greenpoint.

  • The universal emergency hotline in New York City is 911.
  • The hotline for non-emergency calls in New York City is 311. This is for situations that aren’t urgent but require an authority like any road traffic/problems or complaints.

Public Transit in Greenpoint

1. Walkability

Greenpoint is considered a walker’s paradise with a walk score of 98 out of 100. Running daily errands is not a problem with the neighborhood’s walkability rate and its efficient public transport system!

2. Roads and Traffic

Just like in any New York City neighborhood, the roads and traffic may be difficult at times. But using this website, you can track traffic before going to your destination. Another option is traveling by train or by bus!

3. Nearby Train Stations

There are two train stations in Greenpoint, one in Greenpoint Avenue and another in Nassau Avenue. Both stations are on the IND Crosstown Line of the New York City Subway and serve the G (Brooklyn-Queens Crosstown Local) train.

4. Nearby Bus Stops

The bus stops in Greenpoint are all within walking distance of each other, so you don’t have to worry about which bus you can take! The station in Williamsburg serves buses B32 (Long Island City) and B24 (Greenpoint), while the station in Manhattan Avenue serves buses B43 (Lefferts Gardens) and B62 (Downtown Brooklyn – Long Island City).

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Restaurants in Greenpoint

While thinking of the average rent or rooms for rent in Greenpoint, you might as well have a snack! Fill your stomach with the best food that the restaurants in Greenpoint can offer while you’re in the neighborhood.

1. Karczma

If you’re looking for a taste of Polish cuisine in Brooklyn, Karczma offers Polish specialties to satisfy your cravings. Located at 136 Greenpoint Ave, the restaurant is a great place to have dinner with your family or group of friends. Make sure to order some pierogi (filled dumplings), kielbasa (meat sausage), and hunter’s stew on your visit.

You can look through their website to know more.

2. Chez Ma Tante

Chez Ma Tante is a simple restaurant serving excellent dishes. The menu is filled with American and Canadian cuisine classics like Caesar salad, salmon gravlax, pork shoulder, and pancakes. They have different menus for brunch and dinner, plus an extensive wine list!

Find out more about them here.

3. Rule of Thirds

In the heart of Greenpoint sits Rule of Thirds, a restaurant with a refrigerated glass case full of sake in the middle of the dining room*.* This restaurant is ideal for big groups, because it serves plates that are perfect for sharing. It is recommended to try their Kyoto-style pressed sushi and crispy Tonkatsu. They have drinks and cocktails, too!

Check them out!

Parks in Greenpoint

Image: WNYC Transmitter Park, Greenpoint

If you’re still undecided, take a stroll around one of the parks around the area while thinking of the rooms for rent in Greenpoint.

  • Transmitter Park: What was once the land of WYNC radio transmission towers is now a park with green space and areas for recreational activities. The park was opened in 2012 with great views, an open lawn, a children’s play area, and a garden. Additionally, they host events! You can find out more about the park here.
  • American Playground: American Playground is named after the American Manufacturing Company, the second-largest industrial employer in Brooklyn in the early 20th century. Now, the park has basketball and handball courts, slides, spray showers, and trees and benches that are perfect to eat takeout from the best restaurants in Greenpoint on.
  • McCarren Park: If you’re looking for a space to do some fun activities, McCarren Park is the perfect place to do so! The park is a whole 35 acres in the middle of Greenpoint and is the place to go for nonstop games of soccer, kickball, bocce, handball, basketball, tennis, football, and playground activities. It also houses the McCarren Park Pool and Play Center, which is an excellent place to go to beat the summer heat!

Movies Filmed in Greenpoint

Greenpoint is not only known for its industrial history, but the area has also been used as a filming location for several films that you may know.

  • Serpico (1973): An iconic film featuring Al Pacino was shot in West and Manhattan Ave. The movie is actually based on the story of Frank Serpico, who worked as a police officer in Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Manhattan to expose vice racketeering.
  • A Letter From Greenpoint (2004): Based on the title itself, the movie features Meka’s decision to move to Greenpoint from Broadway. It shows a road trip down memory lane as he faces what it’s like to live in Brooklyn again and discovers new friends along the way.
  • The Departed (2006): An award-winning American crime thriller film by Martin Scorsese that is loosely based on the Boston Winter Hill Gang. One scene featured a grocery store that is known as Park Luncheonette, found on 334 Driggs Avenue on the corner of Lorimer Street, Greenpoint.

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