Finding your dream home is no joke. Believe us, we know. Renting an apartment that fits all your needs also seems like one of those desires that only come true with an “almost” as a prefix. But the worst part? realizing that the place that looked so good in the online listing is not so great in real life can be discouraging. That’s why it is important to set realistic goals. Some of the most common questions that arise when people are trying to find the right apartment for them to rent, especially in cities like New York, Miami, Austin, are questions pertaining to the smaller details. Perhaps you’ve even stumbled on countless occasions upon the term “kitchenette”. Sounds cute, right? What is a kitchenette? What is the difference between a kitchen and a kitchenette? When considering kitchen vs. kitchenette, which one is the best choice for you?

Well, let’s get into it!

Kitchen vs. kitchenette: What really is the difference between a kitchen and a kitchenette?

So most people will have you believe that the only difference between a kitchen and a kitchenette is size. However, there are certain other characteristics that can help you decide the best option for you.

If you’ve ever come across an apartment that comes with a compact kitchen or combination kitchen, you’ve run into what one might call a kitchenette. A kitchen, on the other hand, is a room fully equipped with all the cooking facilities necessary. It’s where you prep and cook everything.

But turns out, size isn’t the only thing that helps us differentiate when considering a kitchen vs. kitchenette.

Kitchen vs. kitchenette: The difference in the room for customization.

It’s an age-old practice to make houses that reflect the personality of the person who owns the house. You get to outfit it with all the features you like and you get to choose any style you prefer. Since the kitchen can vary in size, you get to customize it in whatever way you want.

In the case of a kitchenette, on the other hand, there’s not a lot of room for creativity and flexibility. There’s very little space to work with so the design usually has to be as practical as it can be. And as for the style, it just becomes a secondary priority.

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There’s a difference in the organization!

When comparing the difference between a kitchen and a kitchenette, you must also consider that a kitchen comes with better scope for organization, just because of the extra space that’s available. Kitchens can include a pantry and lots of storage space in general in the form of cabinets, shelves, etc.

A kitchenette, on the other hand, will be the perfect option for you if you’re a minimalist, enjoy having a small functional space, and need no more than practicality. This is also the reason why you’d see a bunch of basements and pool houses that come with kitchenettes.

Kitchen vs. kitchenette: The differences in appliances!

With kitchenettes, you’ll have limited space to work with. This also means that you’ll have to stop yourself from going overboard with filling your kitchenette with appliances.

Full-size appliances are almost never a part of a kitchenette’s design. Usually, they include a microwave, a small fridge and freezer, and a hot plate. It’s enough to prepare a few quick and simple dishes but if you want to impress with your cooking skills this is not the place to do it.

A standard kitchen, on the other hand, is almost always equipped with a stovetop, a sink, a dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator, and several other electric appliances. Even small kitchens get to include all these things. Built-in appliances are a great way to save space.

Here’s a list of the basic equipment curated by the Bon Appetit Test Kitchen!

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