In recent months, many individuals have been getting “COVID puppies” in order to deal with the stress and isolation that the pandemic is causing. What better way to brighten your mood than to get a dog?

Even though owning a dog is a wonderful experience, it can often be hard to juggle pet-proofing your home in a small apartment. Whether you live in NYC or another city, there’s often not a ton of space for Fido to roam around in a studio apartment.

Not to fear! There are numerous ways that one can make their apartment more dog friendly. Not only will these apartment hacks make your life easier, but they’ll make your new puppy happier as well.

Install a doggy door

If you live in a small apartment that has a balcony, adding a doggy door is a great idea for you and your new furry friend! Putting in a doggy door allows your dog to go outside whenever they please, which will definitely make your life a lot easier and will make your home more dog friendly.

In addition, adding a doggy door will give your pet more area to roam. This will help you feel less guilty if you have to leave your dog home alone.

Better yet, install a litter box outside so you don’t have to stress about taking your pooch out to do their business at odd times. What an awesome apartment hack!

Organize your dog’s belongings

In order to keep order in your small apartment, make sure you organize your pup’s belongings such as their toys, food, and other supplies. Decide on a designated area to keep all of Fido’s things so that your apartment doesn’t get too messy.

Invest in a basket to keep all of your dog’s toys in so they don’t end up all around the apartment. This will also make your small apartment less cluttered and more dog friendly. Check out stores such as Home Goods or TJ Maxx for cute basket doggy decor ideas!

Create a daily schedule

If you have a busy work or school schedule, consider creating a daily schedule for your dog. Outline designated times for feeding, walks, and bathroom breaks. Making time for walks and bathroom breaks is especially important when you live in the city since your dog isn’t able to roam around in a backyard as they please.

Invest in a cute calendar and make your schedule stand out by using bright and fun colors. Place the schedule in an area (such as your kitchen) where it is easily accessible and visible.

If you have roommate(s), click here to learn about adopting dogs with roomies.

Invest in a dog crate

If you have a puppy or if you want your dog to sleep in their own space at night, consider investing in a good quality dog crate. Crates are an awesome idea for puppy training and are a good idea to have if you’re worried about leaving your dog home alone. They’re also a great way to make your home more dog friendly if you have a small apartment.

Make sure that your pooch’s crate is big enough for them to feel comfortable enough in and so they can stretch their legs. The crate should be a positive space for your dog instead of a negative one!

Make a designated space for your pooch

Finally, the most important part of getting a new dog is to make a designated area for your pooch. This area should be where you keep their crate as well as their basket of toys.

Choose an area that works for you. Consider if you’d rather have your dog’s area be in spaces such as your bedroom or living room. If your bedroom is especially small, consider putting your dog’s things in a more communal area such as the living room. Your pooch will thank you later!

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