Pets are lovable companions, and nothing beats coming home to an over-excited pet who just wants to give you cuddles! But having a pet is serious work; it requires you to make your home a safe and pet-friendly environment. As a pet owner, you need to ensure that the pet’s health and safety are taken care of. Thus making pet-proofing of a home an integral aspect of any home with pets.

Life will get much more pleasant with these simple but effective apartment hacks for both you and your furry friend. So let’s dive right in!

Pet-proof your home with food storage containers for your pet’s treats

An important aspect of pet-proofing your home is ensuring your pet’s food remains uncontaminated. Rodent and critter invasions are widespread in apartment buildings. Rats are known to chew through cardboard pet food boxes to gorge on your pup’s grub. Putting food items and special treats in storage containers will keep rodents away. Storage boxes also help keep the treats fresh for longer. Especially the loose treats you buy at the store. Ensure that the storage containers are kept on a higher surface like the top of the refrigerator, a high shelf, or inside cabinets.

Keep all your pet’s toys in a basket or a box

A pet-proof home also comes with lots of organization. Place the toy box on the floor so that your pet has access to it all the time. Keep a variety of toys ranging from balls to ‘puzzle’ toys to keep your pooch occupied when you are away. Some balls can be a choking hazard, like a tennis ball for some large breeds. It is much safer to use the lattice-designed dog/pet balls.

Have a designated room for your pets for when you’re not home.

Your neighbors definitely won’t like it if your pet makes a lot of noise in your absence. Some apartments today are cozy but cramped, and this can be a challenge for your pet. It is recommended that you don’t let your pet roam freely in the house when you are not around. In an ideally pet-proof home, your pets will have a space to them (bedroom or spare room) along with their toys, food, water bowl, bed, and litter tray. Keep your dog in a crate if you have a studio apartment and don’t have separate rooms.

A pet-proof home also comes with an established bathroom routine

The most challenging task as a pet owner is training your furry friend to do their business in a designated spot. Living in apartments makes this even more difficult. Follow a routine to take your dog out at the same time each day. This way, they get accustomed to the routine. It is still a great idea to have a grass litter tray.

To prevent excessive barking, use a Citronella collar.

Citronella collars are certified and declared safe by the ASPCA. These collars are far more humane than muzzles or shock collars. And dogs respond much better to Citronella collars compared to shock collars. A small amount of citronella gets sprayed as the dog barks, and this dissuades them from barking. Citronella collars are the easiest way to pet-proof your home if barking has been a concern for you. Also, they have built-in microphones and vibration detection, and they get activated only when your pet barks.

Is your home pet-friendly?

Ensure that your trash is kept secure with a tight-fitting lid, preferably in the broom closet, or in the lower kitchen cabinets if there’s room. Clearing your trash every day will contain your dog’s urge to raid your kitchen. Small dogs and kittens are very inquisitive and can get into everything and escape through the tiniest opening. Some of the better-known dangers are toxic plants and food.

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