When we’re all stuck indoors most of the time, it’s tough to say smell you later to our apartment. And keeping the windows open all the time could let the uninvited roomis – the pests – in! So, how do we make our home smell good naturally? Do homemade air freshener recipes even exist?!

Because most air fresheners smell so much like chemicals, you don’t want anything to do with them. Some research says some of them might be harmful to you, your pets, and plants as well.

A naturally good smelling apartment however, can positively affect our health.

Think about the difference in your mood when you walk past a garbage stink v/s when you walk under a tree full of fragrant flowers.

Many ancient civilizations, including Egypt, China, and India, have used aromatherapy as a popular complementary and alternative therapy for more than thousands of years. In traditional medicine as well as in aromatherapy and herbal medicine, essential oils and fragrance compounds have been used for the treatments of various psychological and physical disorders such as headaches, pain, insomnia, eczema, stress-induced anxiety, depression, and digestive problems.

So now, when you feel you’re running out of things to make yourself feel good at home, invest some time and a minimal amount of money to spread the beauty of natural fragrances in your home. (No, the smell of pizza doesn’t count.)

1. Make your home smell good naturally with kitchen ingredients!

Want to make your house smell great, but don’t wish to shop for it? We have good news for you! You can use stuff you already have at home – especially the ingredients you love to sniff before chopping up and cooking. Take citrus – like lemons or oranges, add whichever herbs, berries, cinnamon sticks, and other goody-goody smelling ingredients you like, and add it to a pot of water.

Bring the pot to a boil and simmer for as long as you like. When it’s done, the sweet aroma will fill your kitchen, making your home smell good.

Tip: Once you take the pot off of the stove, put it in a microwaveable jar, and heat it whenever you need to bring in the sweet fragrance that makes your apartment smell good.

2. Make your home smell good naturally with natural air purifiers!

Well, here’s something most people haven’t heard of before: homemade air freshener recipes. But why invest in chemical-filled air fresheners when plants can do the same while giving your home the bonus of a beautiful aesthetic? Most indoor plants won’t even need much of your attention while they make your home smell good by purifying the air in your apartment.

If you’re worried about being a good plant parent, we’ve got you covered! Check our blog on how to be a great plant parent this fall.

3. Have fun with DIY air fresheners

When trying to fill your apartment with good fragrances, essential oils are, well, essential! Here’s a quick guide for you!

  • Step 1: Add one tablespoon of vodka or rubbing alcohol in a bowl.
  • Step 2: Add at least 20-30 drops of essential oil.
  • Step 3: Mix in your favorite herbs to get that oh-so-good fragrance.

Voila! Pat yourself on the back because you’ve made your very own, unique scented DIY air freshener to make your home smell good, naturally.

4. Make your own natural potpourri

Have flowering plants at home? Then make your home smell good naturally with some homemade potpourri! Even if you don’t, you can always pick flowers and leaves and bring the fall season into your home. Collect all your beautiful natural finds and keep them with some dried citrus and cinnamon in a bowl. Voila! You have your own DIY air freshening potpourri! Add a few drops of essential oil as and when you please to make your apartment smell good all the time!

Just make sure your tree or plant clippings have no bugs crawling over them!

Source: hearthandvine.com

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