2020: the year Coachella got cancelled and everyone grew a green thumb. The glory in this sentence is never getting old. Something as equally gratifying as creating something from scratch is watching that same thing foster new life. Here’s your go-to guide to take care of plants, especially indoor houseplants to give a pleasant transformation to your home!

Here’s where scrap gardening comes into the mix. Repurposing old pots, bottles (or any other container-like object) to grow more houseplants. It doesn’t get any better than that. But if you’re looking to redecorate this fall and you have indoor plants on your mind, here are some ways in which you can give your space a makeover with the best fitting plants for the coming season.

Yep, the ‘Earth Mom’ this pandemic has made of all of us, is here to stay.

Few things to keep in check for your fall houseplants

Know your plant to take care of plants

Super basic but good research makes all the difference. It’s impossible to care for plants if something you don’t understand it, right? I mean, your scrap garden will not thrive if you forget about it the day after. Just a quick search on Google will help you understand your houseplants better and take care of indoor plants to increase its life!

Houseplants that stay together, thrive together

The one thing we all learned during this pandemic is the importance of good company. Similarly, placing houseplants together helps them survive for much longer. This is why scrap gardens work. The moisture released is shared and a healthy ecosystem is maintained for longer. Taking care of plants now seems easy, right? But be careful with the moisture though; overwatering is a big no-no.

Moisture check for houseplants is a must

It’s not just our human skin that thrives on a good moisture boost. Keeping your houseplants’ moisture in check will help a lot, especially during transitional climates. A cheaper alternative to a humidifier is to just fill a tray (an old baking sheet will do) with colorful pebbles and place your pots on it. This will prove helpful in taking care of plants as the water that trickles down to the pebbles evaporates. This, in turn, provides the indoor plants with the necessary moisture.

Make ‘em indoor plants!

If you’ve already got some houseplants hanging outside your door, this would be a great time to bring them in if you haven’t already. Again, a quick research will help in understanding if any of your plants are allergens to kids and pets.

Do check for any hitchhikers too beforehand – you might be surprised to find out how some insects find your furniture a lot more relaxing than you. The process of taking good care of plants comes with patience! Repot them if necessary, trim (remove dry leaves and encourage new growth) and clean, and they should be good to go!

But just in case you grew out your scrap garden, are running out of things to do in this pandemic, and find yourself dreaming about an autumn-inspired indoor garden,

Here are some awesome additions to your houseplant collection – the all time fall classics!

One of the popular indoor plants: Unkillable ZZ Plant

This beauty is unkillable. Yep, this indoor plant can survive months of neglect and only requires moderate, indirect sunlight and minimal watering. Taking care of plants never seemed so easy, it takes care of itself!

The plant itself is a shiny dark green with absolutely stunning waxy leaves that add all the complementing texture to your fall aesthetic. Oh and it also serves as a great air purifier.

The Infamous Snake Plant

All the rage in the artistic world, the snake plant, needs nothing much besides low sunlight to survive. Snake plants are succulents, so you’ll want to make sure your pot has adequate drainage and the soil remains dry between watering periods. It’s a perfect houseplant with right amount of aesthetics, plus point: is an indoor plant! This also makes a great addition to your DIY Fall Centerpiece – along with the coziest of candles.

One of the best indoor plants: Herb Garden

There is nothing stopping you from repurposing a broken mug and making a scrap garden in your kitchen. From basil to parsley to mint, herbs are houseplants that adjust well both outdoors and indoors. A window, some soil and a few sprigs from your last grocery run are all you need for this! Fresh garnishing, incoming!

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If Prince Were A Plant

Oxalis triangularis, is an attention grabber and absolutely worth it. The white/pink flowers add a wonderful color to its surroundings and it grows quick. This is one of the easiest fall houseplants to take care of; all you need to remember is that it doesn’t like a lot of direct sunlight.

That’s all folks! You’re ready to take care of plants!

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