If you’ve been planning a move to or are looking for rooms for rent in Austin, you should know you’re in for a good time. In 2019, Austin was voted as the best place to live in America for the third time in a row. In 2020, it was the second-best place to live in America. Now, if that’s not telling of how much people love the place and how much it has to offer to the people who choose to call it home, then what is?

But on a serious note, as with everything in life, picking a neighborhood to rent a room in Austin should also depend on a bunch of factors. But mostly, it should be a decision based on what you’re into. Here are some factors to put things into perspective.

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Getting to know Austin

The phrase, “Everything is bigger in Texas,” never gets old. But for everyone who is still considering finding rooms for rent in Austin, you should know that this phrase very well applies to the heat as well. Austin’s weather is amazing 10 months out of the year, and there’s barely a winter to speak of. But when July and August come around, you’ll see temps reaching 100+ degrees. Luckily, Austin has its fair share of public pools and swimming holes that you can take advantage of!

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And if at all you’re a music fan, we don’t need to say much because you might already be aware of how crazy the music scene in Austin can be! Every March, hundreds of thousands of people invade the city for its annual music, film, and interactive conference and festival, South by Southwest (SXSW, or just “South by” to locals). The other behemoth music fest is Austin City Limits (ACL), where many acts get their big break. All your favorite bands will stop in Austin on tour, every single one!

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Finding Rooms For Rent in Austin, TX

Finding rooms for rent in Austin, Tx is an experience most Austinites, old and new, swear by.

Austin, Texas, has recently been recognized as one of the top 10 places to purchase a rental property in the U.S. And many property owners are seeing a return on investment as high as 10.7 percent!

Top Neighborhoods in Austin, TX

  • North Loop: Think 1992, but with better pizza. North Loop is the ultimate intersection of working-class meets bohemian cohort. Its defining characteristic is its namesake street, which winds through the middle of the neighborhood. The small commercial stretch—codified at some point as the North Loop IBIZ District—contains several surprisingly long-lived local vintage and record stores, coffee shops, bars, restaurants, and such requisite oddities as the quirky convenience store, the anarchist bookshop, and the women-owned adult-toy shop.
  • Cherry Wood: This is the ultimate special find if you’re looking for that for your next rental place in Austin. The vibe here is laid back as the laid back can be. With the gigantic shade trees, winding streets, and French place names (so many that it’s sometimes called French Place), East Austin’s Cherrywood neighborhood has a slightly Southern character. You’ll find bungalows and other small, wood-frame homes; Craftsman-style houses large and small; and one- and two-story stucco homes, many originally built for families of returning soldiers after World War II.
  • South Menchaca Every Austinite that was done with the over-touristy nature the city quickly took over or was just simply priced out of areas of South Austin are finding community and hometown friendliness, much lower home prices, and a less hectic pace by moving just a little farther south. South Menchaca is one of the neighborhoods attracting such seekers; it’s close to those attractions when the mood hits, and more low-key, neighborly bars and shops are popping up all around!

Average Rent in Austin, TX

If we’re being honest, neighborhoods can be sensitive, organic entities, highly affected by the built and natural environments as well as by those who live there—and those who leave.

There’s no denying that Austin is booming. Transplants continue to move here in record numbers, thus affecting the average price of the rooms for rent in Austin, Tx. But the inventory is low, and the rental market is tight. At the same time, some longtime Austinites, overwhelmed by the transformation of their neighborhoods or just seeking a change, are on the move. So here are some numbers to put things into perspective.

Rooms for Rent in Austin, TX Average Rent
1 Bedroom Apartment in Austin, TX$909
2 Bedroom Apartment in Austin, TX$1,716
3 Bedroom Apartment in Austin, TX$2,325

University life in Austin, TX

Some of the reasons why students turn to Austin are the bustling entrepreneurial spirit, Austin’s commitment to personal freedom, and a passion for unearthing new discoveries. Add to this a vibrant, internationally renowned music, film, and art scene, along with a thriving economy that leads the way in the technology, engineering, and health care industries. Keeping this in mind, let’s move on to the top universities in Austin, TX.

Let’s now consider the cost of living in Austin as a student. As of 2021, a single person estimated monthly costs of living in Austin are 834.08$ without rent.

Although food, drinks, rent, and housing are going to be cheaper than New York or California prices, Austin still holds its own in terms of cost of living. It’s always good to remember that even if you’re able to find inexpensive rooms for rent in Austin, Tx, and you’ll still be spending on things like transportation, delicious meals at can’t-miss restaurants, and entertainment.

How Transit Friendly is Austin, Texas?


While not considered the most walkable city in the U.S. (Austin is the 29th most walkable large city in the US with a “walk score” of 41 out of 100), Austin is home to several neighborhoods that are more pedestrian-friendly than others.


The constant influx of residents is putting a hurt on the city’s infrastructure. There are only two main arteries for commuting (I-35 and the TX-1 Loop aka MoPac), so peak hours are pretty miserable. No joke—it will take you 30 minutes to go three miles. If possible, find a job before you find a place to live and plan your commute accordingly. Those with jobs downtown will find that it is well worth it to spend the extra dough to be closer to work, as the bus system (CapMetro) is the only viable public transportation option for Austin residents.

Taxis and Rideshares

Taxis and rideshares for an integral part of Austin’s economy as well as the people’s happiness. Besides the most common Uber and Lyft, that came back to Austin after a long Hiatus just last year, there are some Austinite favorites including:

Public Transport

Austin’s public Capital Metro Bus System serves a population of more than 1 million in its 535-square mile service area. With a system of more than 1,600 bus stops and 82 routes, Central Texas is served by local, MetroRapid limited-stop, MetroFlyer, MetroExpress, and University of Texas Shuttle routes.


With numerous hills, elaborate trails, specialist shops, and cyclist-friendly laws, Austin is an ideal city for bike enthusiasts.

It is ranked as the seventh-best cycling city in America by Bicycle Magazine and offers an abundance of fun trails, stocked shops, and eclectic communities devoted to cycling. Whether you’re training for the Tour de France, scaling limestone walls on your new Trek, looking to start a fixie gang, or simply using your two-wheeler to commute — Austin’s got you.

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Nightlife in Austin

There are hundreds of bars in Austin, one for everyone’s taste! The legendary 6th St bar scene has spilled onto nearby thoroughfares, especially Red River St. Many of the 6th St places are shot bars aimed at college students and tourists, while the Red River establishments retain a harder local edge. A few blocks south, Rainey St is also jumping, with old bungalows now home to watering holes.

Food in Austin

Everyone knows Austin’s reputation as a music town, but these days the Texas capital is just as renowned for its food, which features both traditional Texan flavors and dishes that confound stereotypical expectations. Austin has a reputation as a welcoming, friendly place, but like New Yorkers over pizza, Austinites may come damn near throwing a punch if you take issue with their choice of brisket smoker or breakfast taco maker. Local specialties like that are just the beginning of the food conversation in the Texas capital though.

You’ll find everything you want, and then some more. So, here are some of our favorite Austin restaurants!

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