You think of Hawaii, you imagine beautiful scenery and vacation. Now imagine living here and getting rooms for rent in Hawaii. If you plan to relocate, Hawaii should definitely be one of your primary destinations. Let us get you familiar with this breathtaking state.

Getting To Know Hawaii

Hawaii, also known as Aloha state, is one of the most breathtaking places in the world, a state made up of beautiful islands and also known for its coffee. Its beautiful beaches, magnificent scenery, aloha spirit, and exhilarating activities are just a few reasons why Hawaii is a top-rated place to get apartments for rent, also finding a roommate. It’s also the perfect place to relax, unwind and take a break from the everyday hustle and bustle. It is reasonably priced and adventurous.

Finding Rooms For Rent In Hawaii

When it comes to getting rooms for rent in Hawaii, there are several options but here are two prevalent options. It’s either you get a room through apartments for rent or by finding a roommate. This is because Hawaii is an expensive state to live in, this doesn’t mean there are no affordable cities or options like finding a roommate.

When you make a choice to move to a beautiful state like Hawaii, there is bound to be a cool neighborhood to suit your needs in Hawaii. You either choose the bustling area of downtown Honolulu or the peaceful shorelines of Oahu which you can navigate in less than an hour.

Top Neighborhoods in Hawaii

  • Honolulu: Honolulu, the capital of Hawaii is one of the best counties to live in Hawaii. It’s easier to get apartments for rent because most of the residents rent their homes. Honolulu gives a very urban feel for its residents. It has a lot of affluent neighborhoods like Black point also called Diamond Head which has a lot of beautiful mansions, white sandy beaches, and wide roads.
  • Hanalei: Hanalei is a very beautiful town. It’s a pleasant quiet neighborhood for families. Hanalei is a very suitable neighborhood to get rooms for rent in Hawaii. There are very beautiful beaches to hang out with families and friends like Haʻena Beach, Hanakapiʻai Beach, and Hanalei Bay. It’s a little town nestled on Kauai’s North Shore, a wonderful neighborhood to get apartments for rent.
  • Hawaii Kai: This neighborhood is a beautiful place to live and best for raising a family as it is safe and has many parks, sports fields, schools, skate parks, farmers’ markets on the weekends, shops, a movie theater, and restaurants. It’s an affluent suburb located on the southeastern coast of Oahu is Hawaii Kai, also known by its Hawaiian name, Maunalua, which means two mountains in Hawaiian, referring to Koko Head and Koko Crater.

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Average Rent in Hawaii

Hawaii is an expensive state, the cost of living is very high but there are also affordable neighborhoods to live in.

Rooms for Rent in HawaiiAverage Rent
Studio Apartment for rent in Hawaii$1,072
1 Bedroom Apartment for rent in Hawaii$1,118
2 Bedroom Apartment for rent in Hawaii$2,604
3 Bedroom Apartment for rent in Hawaii$2,796

Universities in Hawaii

There are 15 colleges in Hawaii. There’s a scholarship program called Hawaii Promise that provides free in-state tuition for qualified students with financial needs.

Finding a roommate around college areas is easy. If you prefer living alone, you can opt for one of the apartments for rent.

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How Transit Friendly is Hawaii

The Hawaii Department of Transportation is responsible for all modes of transportation including air, land, and water.


Hawaii’s best walkable neighborhoods are Kaimuki Oahu, Paia Maui, downtown Hilo Big island, Kailua-Kona’s Alii Drive, Big Island. Walking can also ease the search for apartments for rent and getting rooms for rent in Hawaii.


Hawaii Traffic varies depending on which island you are on. You can avoid traffic by avoiding the normal weekday rush hour, paying attention to the local traffic and weather reports, using a GPS traffic app-WAZE, and avoiding major highways.


For Oahu, there’s the cab Hawaii, a local taxi dispatch company. There’s also Charley’s taxi in Honolulu. There are other taxis that serve residents throughout Hawaii, and you can access them on the Yelp website. This will help greatly when searching for rooms for rent in Hawaii.

Public Transportation

There’s an option for public transportation. Presently, the only public transportation options in Hawaii are by way of the bus. There are no trains, trams, or subways. Here’s the list of bus systems on each of the four major Hawaiian Islands: Oahu – TheBus – Oahu’s bus system is Hawaii’s best bus system with great island coverage and frequent buses, Maui – Maui Bus, Kauai – Kauai Bus, Hawaii (Big) Island – Hele-On Bus. It’s noteworthy to know the bus schedules of islands you want to get apartments for rent.


One of the top busiest airports in the United States is the Honolulu airport, which is also the largest international airport in Hawaii. There are four major airports in Hawaii. They are:

Cycle friendly:

Hawaii is ideal for cycling, the weather year-round is also rider-friendly. You can ride your bike uninterrupted in Hawaii Kai. There are existing bike lanes on Kalanianaole Highway and a bike route along Lunalilo Home Road and Hawaii Kai Drive. This is an exciting activity when scouting for apartments for rent.

Weather In Hawaii

There are only two seasons in Hawaii, summer which is from May to October, and winter from November to April. The weather is very consistent with just minor changes throughout the year. The average daytime summer temperature is 85° F (29.4° C), while the average daytime winter temperature is 78° (25.6° C). Temperatures at night are approximately 10° F lower than the daytime. Summer waters are typically gentle on all beaches while the legendary big waves occur during Winter. It’s advisable to adhere to all weather warnings before hiking, swimming, sailing, or participating in any outdoor activities.

Cultural activities in Hawaii

There are different traditions in Hawaii that are worth knowing e.g Greetings in Hawaii start with a kiss on the cheek, even for first-time introductions. Every June 11th, on a Ho‘olaule‘a (festival), held in the honor of King Kamehameha the Great, the entire state has the day off. Lūʻau feasts — celebrating a child’s first birthday. Don’t wear shoes into homes. ‘Ohana (family) is extremely important in Hawaii. The giving of a lei. May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii. The traditional Hawaiian religion is a polytheistic animistic religion. Hawaiians believe that there are spirits in many objects such as the waves and the sky. The Hawaiian religion believes in four gods; Kāne, Kanaloa, Kū, and Lono. The spirit of aloha — being in the presence of and sharing the essence of life — teaches us lessons of peace, kindness, compassion, and responsibility to future generations.

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