Trying to find rooms for rent in Atlanta, GA? Here’s everything you need to know about moving to this wonderful city with a bustling job district, low rental fares and affordable living.

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Getting to Know Atlanta, GA

Growing job opportunities, paired with cheap rooms for rent, and a budding food & drinks scene makes Atlanta an ideal place to move to. Enjoy your free weekends on the mountains, or simply head to the numerous green spaces within the city to feel at one with nature, you have plenty of places to explore within the city.

It’s not all about scenic beauty, though. There is plenty to do in Atlanta, such as discovering hidden shopping gems in the city or exploring luxury retailers. When in Atlanta, check out the craft beers and delicious food. Plenty of students move to the city every year to explore its reputed Universities and help keep the city exciting.

Finding Rooms for Rent in Atlanta, GA

It is easy to find cheap rooms for rent in Atlanta, and some even offer weekly payment options. Finding and living with roommates in Atlanta helps in further reducing the costs, making it an affordable city to live in.

Top Neighborhoods in Atlanta, GA

  • South Downtown: Located close to Georgia State University, this is the most walkable neighborhood in Atlanta. Students can find cheap rooms for rent in this area and enjoy MARTA’s public transport facilities for traveling.
  • Buckhead: For those who want an upscale lifestyle with affordable rental prices, Buckhead is the neighborhood to be in. Ideal for young professionals, this neighborhood features some of the popular shopping centres and eateries in the city.
  • Virginia Highland: Enjoy a small-town field, while still being close to the main attractions of the city, and affordable rates for one-bedroom apartments. This Atlantan neighborhood is perfect for families looking for a suburban lifestyle.

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Average Rent in Atlanta, GA

Rooms for Rent in Atlanta, GA Average Rent
Studio Apartment in Atlanta, GA$978
1 Bedroom Apartment in Atlanta, GA$1,005
2 Bedroom Apartment in Atlanta, GA$1,874
3 Bedroom Apartment in Atlanta, GA $2,253

University Life in Atlanta, GA

If you decide to live on campus, it is easy to find cheap rooms for rent in Atlanta, especially if you find a roommate. Although it is not a typical college-town, you will have endless fun exploring the city with your roommates and making new memories. It is a safe city for students, with pleasant weather and plenty of options to live off-campus.

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How Transit Friendly is Atlanta, GA?

Drive around the city or take a leisurely walk, there are many ways to get around in Atlanta. As many will tell you, when exploring the city, stay close to the main Peachtree Street and you’ll be at the center of the action.

1. Walkability

Although not the most walkable city, Atlanta does have some green spaces and walkable neighborhoods. When living with roommates in Atlanta, one way to bond is to take a walk in Atlanta BeltLine which has almost 22 miles of reclaimed tracks and trails. You can also visit the Piedmont Park, Centennial Park or the Atlanta Botanical garden for a leisurely walk surrounded by greenery.

2. Roads/traffic

Atlanta is infamous for its terrible traffic. During rush hours, the traffic is a nightmare, and moves slower than a snail’s pace, especially when you are going in or out of town. Check the Georgia Navigator website frequently, so that you are stay updated on traffic conditions across the city.

3. Taxis

Taxis are 24-hours, making them a convenient option for traveling. When hailing a taxi, verify whether your destination has a flat-rate or a meter rate. Generally, taxis offer a flat rate when traveling from the airport to any downtown Atlanta neighborhood. If you’re visiting Atlanta and staying in a hotel, you will be happy to note that taxis are usually waiting right outside hotel lobbies. Apart from this, you can also opt for an Uber or Lyft.

4. Public Transportation

MARTA runs rapid rail lines, trains, and buses in Atlanta. Once you have a Breeze car in hand, you can use these services at an affordable rate. Apart from rapid rail, trains and buses, you can also opt for Atlanta’s Streetcars, or go for Car Rental options.

5. Airports

Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport was dubbed the busiest airport in the world. Up until 2019, Atlanta’s airport served 107 million passengers in a year or nearly 300,000 passengers every day. It’s a sprawling airport, with art exhibits showcased between different terminals. A 5K marathon is held in runway 5 of the airport every year to help raise money for the Mayor’s Youth Scholarship program. Hence, it’s safe to say that Hartsfield-Jackson is not your usual airport.

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6. Cycling

Atlanta has improved quite a bit in terms of providing bike-friendly infrastructure throughout the city. While its not the most-bike friendly city out there, initiatives such as Atlanta Bicycle Coalition are dedicated to reforming the city. Several green spaces, parks and gardens throughout the city provide plenty of trails for cyclists to enjoy.

Restaurants in Atlanta, GA

The food scene in Atlanta is booming; with diverse cuisine, you can enjoy a different taste every night. From chili dogs and barbeque to burgers and Atlantan Fried chicken, Atlanta is famous for a variety of dishes and adds a twist to most cuisines. With numerous restaurants, bars and homegrown eateries across the city, you have your fair share of options to explore.

Shopping Centres in Atlanta, GA

From vintage wares to luxury items, Atlanta’s shopping scene is exciting. Neighborhoods like Buckhead, Lennox, Decatur and Virginia Highland are ideal to help fulfil your shopping needs. It’s not uncommon to find hidden gems, such as vintage bookstores and more in different neighborhoods. If you love fashion, you will have fun exploring the latest trends in Atlanta’s famous shops and boutiques.

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