So you’ve moved to a new place, or maybe you’re a first-time renter. And you’re flushed with the excitement that comes with it. But then your parents start to tell you to stay safe from robberies. Or maybe you’re watching the news too much. And right when you reach work, or going on vacation, you start thinking about whether you remembered to shut the windows! Whatever your concern, in this day and age, when we have so many valuables inside our homes, from our laptops and cameras to God knows what else you call ‘my precious,’ it’s understandable to be researching well, on how to secure an apartment with a proper apartment security system in place. So here’s your guide to home security tips and investing in an apartment security camera as a renter.

Recce your location before you move in

Now if you have some shortlisted options to move into, make sure you put in the research to know more about your potential neighborhood! Here’s one of the most basic home security tips. Check the streetlights around and see whether they’re functional.

Then check for entrances, exits, doors and windows to see whether they look safe enough. Take a walk around the neighborhood at different times during the day to ensure you’ll feel comfortable living there. Then you can plan better for your apartment security system.

After you move in, get renter’s insurance

Now maybe you’ve moved into a new place, or maybe you’re thinking of an apartment security system for your current dwelling. But no matter your situation, renter’s insurance can be a very handy investment and one of the best home security tips, in case of loss of property. (You don’t want it to happen, and neither do we. But like they say, better to be safe than sorry!)

Additionally, your landlord’s homeowner insurance will only protect the property, and not your personal belongings. So go get that renters insurance, and then move on to investing in the right apartment security system.

Consider installing a security camera

First off, check your rental agreement for clauses regarding an apartment security camera, and whether you can install one as a renter. Then take action accordingly. This can be one of the more rudimentary home security tips if you invest a basic amount towards it.

If you can, try and go for more sophisticated options for an apartment security camera (think WiFi-connected devices that need less hardware and will cause lesser issues with the landlord.) Also, make sure the apartment security camera isn’t pointing at your neighbor’s door or window! Only point it towards your own home entry and of course, take permission from everyone involved.

You could also try video doorbells, that allow you to talk through the door when someone comes, so you know who it is for sure. They can cost you up to $200 for both, and it’s a good one time investment to have.

Or you could go for a complete apartment security system that can cost you about $100-200 per month.

Upgrade your door and window locks

Now this one’s a must when you move into a new place. If you’re not getting a sophisticated home security system, that’s fine! But do remember to get your locks upgraded. Sounds pretty basic, right? But most of us don’t bother about these home security tips much when we think about an apartment security system.

You could ask your landlord to change the locks so you know that no one else (previous tenants, and even previous robbers) have an extra set of keys. And then you can ask them if you can install extra door locks for additional protection from intruders. (At your own cost, of course.)

Make friends with your roommates and neighbors

Now this apartment security system might work both ways. (If your roommate or a neighbor turns out to be a thief themselves, that is.) But it makes sense to make friends with trusted roommates and neighbors to stay protected and take care of each other.

This can even help when you’re going on vacation, or even heading home for a few days. This way, you’ll know there’s someone to water your plants, and just to keep an eye out.

Don’t be too predictable

If you have valuable stuff that you don’t want stolen when you’re going on vacation or just heading home, make sure you don’t leave them lying around. Additionally, as a DIY apartment security system, here’s something you could do: avoid hiding valuables in places everyone would know to check.

Instead, hide them in unusual places or in disguised locations (think a new dustbin placed in a bathroom) or better yet, a faux potted plant. Alternatively, you could invest in a safe that keeps your stuff… well, safe.

Well, there you have it. Be smart and stay safe with a good apartment security system in place!

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