Maybe you’re leaving home for the first time, or maybe you moved out long ago! You probably still focus on the independent lifestyle you’re constantly creating. What you probably don’t think about (but really should) is to invest in renter’s insurance.

Maybe, like most renters, you think renter’s insurance is your landlord’s responsibility. After all, they own the place you live in. So they must look out for their property, as well as you, in case of a mishap. Even though your landlord is responsible for the physical space, they aren’t required to take care of your personal belongings. That comes under your responsibility, which is why you need to invest in renter’s insurance.

What does a homeowner’s insurance cover?

So the homeowner’s insurance is what your landlord holds responsibility for. For more clarity, let’s review what it exactly covers.

Natural calamities affecting the physical space that you rent

Natural calamities include damage by fire, lightning, wind, hail, etc. It might or might not include the outer areas of your home, such as a garage or a porch. This homeowner’s insurance might also secure their tools (if they have left any behind) to maintain the space you inhabit.

Now we know what homeowner’s insurance covers. So here’s a full breakdown of why you should be thinking of renter’s insurance for peace-of-mind at home.

Reasons why you should invest in Renter’s Insurance

1. There is no harm in getting renter’s insurance

If you’re confused about whether or not to get renter’s insurance, consider this: What’s the harm? The fact is, there is none. And getting renter’s insurance could protect you from unexpected expenses if an unfortunate event poses a risk to your possessions. Especially now, with the ease of getting renter’s insurance online. All you need is a minimal investment every month. So there is nothing stopping you! Secure your stuff against unpredictable events such as fire, vandalism, theft, and natural disasters.

2. But I’m a minimilast, do I still need it?

Do you identify as a minimalist? If you do, you might think you don’t have enough things to bother with renter’s insurance. Even then, if you are reading this article, you own things that are worth insuring. You might have basic necessities that dwell in your apartment. When you have these essentials at home. And you’ve had them since forever, it’s easy to lose sight of their value. This is why you need to rethink this evaluation and insured for your property. A minimal investment in renter’s insurance gives you the security you need for the future.

3. But I’m a very careful person, do I still need it?

The thing is – the best of us get forgetful sometimes. And we can’t control our environment or the actions of others. Think about the days when you’re overworked and sleep-deprived. And you forget why you came into the kitchen. Only to be reminded later by the burning smell! Or when you have to leave home in a hurry and cannot remember whether you turned the bathroom tap off.

If you feel you’ve risen above these petty issues and have your life in perfect order, think about your roomis. However careful you are, you can’t be sure your roomis or friends are being responsible. So getting renter’s insurance would give you and your roomis a sense of security no matter what goes on.

4. Get renter’s insurance for the future you

All said and done, any kind of financial investment now will be a big move for the future you. So give yourself chances to be grateful for being responsible. And shell out those extra dollars that you use for drunk online shopping. Instead, secure the stuff you already own and love with renter’s insurance.

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