Wondering how to go about your roommate search in Seattle, Washington? Believe us, it’s really not difficult to find yourself some roommates in Seattle. It’s quite literally just a search away on Roomi! Here’s everything you need to know about taking up your search for roommates in Seattle!

What are some of the reasons people move to Seattle, Washington?

There are so many great things about moving to and being able to find a roommate in Seattle. There’s an array of world-class schools, the job market’s super attractive, and the unique culture of the city is just undeniably a whole other experience. There are so many outdoor activities available here that everyone that actually moves to this gem in the Pacific Northwest gem ends up loving it, roommates or not!

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Pike Place Market, Seattle

To answer the question on many people’s minds: “No, it doesn’t rain all the time.” Seattle gets less rain annually than Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, Miami, and many other major metro areas. The natural beauty of Seattle is breathtaking too! It’s surrounded by both mountains and water on two sides – is one of the biggest draws for residents.

The scenery and proximity to nature, perhaps, contribute to Seattle’s inherent attitude: one of calm and patience. Locals are mocked for always allowing others to merge on the freeway. Still, that attitude extends to everyday life, where coffee shops harbor intellectual discussions, and nightlife is more about chilling with a beer at the bar than wild nights on the dance floor.

For many, living in Seattle has as much to do with what’s outside the city proper as what’s inside. Less than an hour from downtown, residents escape for the day or weekend to wineries, ski resorts, hiking trails, and sprawling parks. Seattleites bring that love of nature into the city proper as much as possible, enjoying Seattle’s parks and tree-lined streets while staying cozy in fleece jackets (practically the local uniform).

What is the cost of living in Seattle, Washington?

A single person estimated monthly costs are 1,163.46$ without rent — which is why it may be beneficial to find roommates in Seattle, after all. According to data from Numbeo, a meal at a typical Seattle dining establishment costs about $30 per person, compared to the $25 national average. However, there are also plenty of open-air farmers’ markets that run from spring through autumn here, where you may be able to find great deals on fresh produce.

While Seattle does have a light rail system, it only serves a limited portion of the city. Most Seattleites either own a car or use the public bus system. The city also has a large contingent of cyclists, but given the number of hills and the lousy winter weather, it takes a high level of commitment to rely on a bike year-round.

It isn’t all bad news for current and future Seattle residents, though. There’s one important commodity which is cheaper in this city than almost anywhere else in the country: electricity. This is due in large part to a number of major hydroelectric power plants throughout the state.

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How can you find roommates in Seattle, Washington?

When looking for roommates in Seattle, one of the best ways actually to conduct your search is to start by making sure your profile mentions all the important things that you’re looking for in a roommate. Since Roomi is a peer-to-peer marketplace to browse listings, your roommate search is sure to be safe and easy.

Here’s how the Roomi App works!

Asking your college or work network is always a great way to start, but it might not be that fruitful or proactive, especially when we’re all trying to keep up and recover from a pandemic. So here’s how Roomi helps you find a roommate in Seattle, Washington!

  1. You can sign up for free. If you sign you via Facebook, you’ll even be able to see mutual friends that you have with any potential roommate right on the platform.
  2. You can browse as many listings as you want, favorite the ones you love, and use Roomi on your computer or phone.
  3. You can message as many potential roommates as you want to learn more and chat for free right in the app. This saves you time from sending countless emails and you never have to offer up any of your private info.

Plus, the profiles will give you an idea of what lifestyle your potential roommate leads (Does he/she stay up late or wake up early? etc.), so you know what you’re getting yourself into before you move in!

D’you know what else Roomi does outside of helping its readers find their choice of roommates in Salt Lake City, Utah? With our ever-increasing lists of rooms and roommates across the world, we help you find your perfect match! Download the app here and hop on the easiest ride home ever!