Studio apartment spaces feel cozy when you first see them, but the more you start filling it with your stuff, the smaller they seem to get. Roomi will help you with tips and tricks to make your small room look bigger and brighter! Before you resign yourself to life in a cramped space, first consider some reasons your studio could feel smaller than it used to:

  1. The furnishings don’t go well with your apartment
  2. Your roommate is a hoarder
  3. You haven’t organized your things properly
  4. You haven’t read this blog before

Fret not folks! This blog will help your small room look bigger with tips on right furnishings and how to organize them like a pro.

1. Low seating make an apartment look bigger

Anything tall, like high-backed chairs and big lamps, doesn’t fit well in a small room because they take over too much space visually. Instead, try low slung pieces like low furniture and seating! This will make your ceilings appear higher that will ultimately make the small room look bigger and more spacious. We feel low seating gives an apartment a welcoming, laid-back vibe, too!

2. Be wary of busy prints

Patterned rugs and furniture can brighten any space in a few seconds. However, they don’t make apartment look bigger as the space might seem small and congested. Stick to single accent pieces per room and solid bedsheets as opposed to the ones with patterns. These will help you make a small room look bigger.

3. Colors can make a room look bigger

Our brain is a trained agent to notice clutter in busy spaces. However, a few cool organization tricks can help remedy that and create a more harmonious atmosphere. One ingenious trick to make your small apartment look bigger is by organizing the items on your shelves by color. It not only appears uber neat but it also doubles up as an aesthetic treat for the eyes!

4. Striped accent pieces can make apartment look bigger

Many patterns can make a room appear smaller and busy, but there’s one exception to the rule: stripes! Stripes make a small room look bigger, so while setting up your gorgeous studio apartment, opt for striped rugs or curtains to maximize a room’s visual space.

5. Storage is your best friend

Clutter is the mortal enemy of small rooms. A studio apartment has limited space so be very mindful while renting or buying furniture for your home. Furniture and pieces that offer built-in storage to store all your boxes and clutter, make apartment look bigger. Things you need- storage beds, storage ottomans, and even coffee tables with storage.

6. Choose the color of your furniture wisely

Another simple way to make your small room look bigger is to match the color of your furniture with the color of the walls. Too much contrast between the two gives an impression of clutter making any room seem smaller, and you’ll notice an instant improvement when you focus on improving the flow through a room.

7. Create clever divisions

A small room is usually just space with no divisions whatsoever, so we end up looking at the kitchen, living area, and bedroom as one complete landscape. Clever divisions can help you to visually separate your bedroom from the rest of the apartment, and create that cozy studio apartment vibe that you see on Pinterest. Get room dividers, moveable bookshelves, a creative vertical garden, or even a clothing rack to create a fun visual division.

8. Mirrors

Wish to make your small room look bigger instantly? Think clever reflections that can easily be achieved using mirrors! Place mirrors across from windows or door frames at an angle that lets you catch a glimpse of the outdoors the moment you enter. This simple organizational hack will give the impression of extra space even when it’s limited! Thus, will be effective to make an apartment look bigger!

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