Covering up to 350 sq. ft, a Micro Apartment is akin to Studio Apartments, promising to offer functionality and comfortable living at lower costs. Find out if they’re the right choice for you.

What Is A Micro Apartment?

Micro apartments are loosely defined as any space under 350 square feet. Although they are small, micro-housings tend to be located in desirable neighborhoods, with numerous amenities packed inside them. While small studio housings may work better as bare-bones structures, this is not always the case. Sometimes, these modern micro apartments come with numerous amenities attached to them.

Micro Apartment: The Answer to Your Affordable Living Woes?

It’s no secret that the US has a shortage of affordable housing. For years, this meant that people would search for roommates, search endlessly for cheaper neighborhoods, or opt to live further away from work to find affordable accommodations. Now, modern micro apartments seem to be the new solution to this problem.

You’d be surprised to know that a tiny apartments is not a new concept but were known as efficiency apartments. The concept of a micro apartment is similar to those of old boarding houses with several units on one floor and a shared washroom. Now, modern micro-housing is all about saving space, money and increasing efficiency.

Theoretically, a micro-apartment seems like an excellent idea. They seem to be quite popular among millennials who otherwise could not afford to live without a roommate. With numerous micro-apartments popping up across Boston, Denver, NYC, and Seattle, it seems that they are the new trend. Usually, these apartments are occupied quickly, with a handful of vacant spots. But is a micro-apartment the best choice for everyone?

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Why Are Micro Apartment Popular?

Millennials are all over micro apartments because they are affordable and a great way to start living alone. But micro housing is popular among realtors and landlords as well. The main reason? They tend to generate more revenue. Although a micro apartment has lower monthly rents, due to their size, a realtor can squeeze in several micro apartment units on a floor, increasing the revenue per square feet.

Since Micro studio apartments is popular, it is easier to find occupants for these spaces because of their location and affordability. Hence, when a relator or landlord invests in micro housing, they are assured that they will generate profit from the units.

So, it is not just millennials looking for affordable housing that has popularized micro-studio housing, but realtors as well. You may see quite a few options for micro apartment pop-up when you’re looking for places to rent.

Are Micro Apartments Right for You?

Although they sound like a great idea, sometimes they may not be the right choice for you. With numerous amenities, innovative designs which can convert these apartments into functional units, micro apartments are not a temporary solution. Unlike Studio Apartments, a micro studio apartment is designed to stick with you for longer. So, would you be able to live in a space that is less than 500 square feet?

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What Are the Advantages of Micro Apartments?

While micro apartments may not work some, they do have some advantages. These apartments tend to sell out quickly and for good reason!

  • Grow Your Community: Many modern micro apartments are designed to offer several common spaces. Common spaces allow people to interact and get to know each other better; it helps foster a sense of community and lets you build more connections.
  • Excellent Location: Micro Apartments attract professionals not only for their affordability but because of their location as well. These apartments tend to be located in desirable neighborhoods that may either be close to the business district or to several entertainment options. Such locations are selected so that tenants have more places to explore outside of their home and thus do not have a problem with a smaller space.
  • Affordable Living: No matter where the location of the micro apartments may be. People overwhelmingly tend to opt for them as they are affordable options. For those who are living alone, micro housing seem like an excellent solution as they would not need a lot of space. With creative design, using multi-purpose furniture and trying to follow a minimalistic lifestyle, people are able to get a lot of joy out of these living spaces.

What are the Disadvantages of Micro Apartments?

Living in a micro apartment is not for everyone. Some people may pass up on these apartments, no matter how affordable they may be. Certain drawbacks, such as the lack of space, improper ventilation and inability to host guests, draw people away from opting for micro housing. Sometimes, micro apartment rent prices are not much lower than the average rent in the neighborhood.

To sum it up, micro-housing is a way of living. Hence, they may not be for everyone. When deciding whether you want to opt for micro apartments, weigh your pros and cons carefully. What are your potential deal breakers when looking for home? Would you consider micro apartments a viable living situation for yourself?

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