Moving to the Arch City soon? Whether you are moving to pursue education, work opportunities or to get a new start, here is everything you need to know about finding rooms for rent in Columbus.

Getting to Know Columbus

While Columbus was known for being a small town, it has changed quite a lot over the years. With diverse neighborhoods, extensive job options and accessible public transportation, moving to this city sounds like a dream. Although the cost of living seems to be rising in the city, it used to be quite inexpensive to live in and has attracted people from diverse backgrounds over the years. Now, Columbus is a popular city that people consider when they are looking for a change.

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Finding Rooms for Rent in Columbus

Finding cheap rooms for rent in Columbus can be challenging. While some neighborhoods may be cheaper than others, the average rent in Columbus seems to be increasing every day. Hence, many people opt to live with roommates or try to live in walkable neighborhoods so that they can save on transportation costs and budget their expenses better.

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Top Neighborhoods in Columbus

  • Short North Arts District: One of the most walkable neighborhoods in the city, it is dubbed as the “art soul” of Columbus. Famous for its Gallery Hop, which takes place on the first Saturday of every month.
  • Downtown Columbus: as the name suggests, this is the liveliest neighborhood of the city, and is transit-friendly as well. If you are able to snag a room for rent in this Columbus neighborhood, consider yourself lucky. With over 300 dining options and live entertainment, you will never spend an evening at home.
  • Victorian Village: As the name suggests, this charming neighborhood is filled with Victorian architecture that will make you feel as though you walked into one of the Bronte sister’s novels. It is a residential area that is filled with quaint cafes and small shops.

Average Rent in Columbus

Rooms for Rent in Columbus Average Rent in Columbus
1 Bedroom Apartment for Rent in Columbus$649
1 Bedroom Apartment for Rent in Columbus$1,342

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University-Life in Columbus

Student life in Columbus is exciting and filled with activity. You can choose to live on campus or find cheap rooms for rent nearby. Living with roommates can be fun, and given the average rent in Columbus, it may be a necessity as well. You will have a lot of fun exploring the arts and entertainment options in the city, and participating in university activities as well.

Planning to move to Columbus for your University education? Check out the following universities:

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How Transit Friendly is Columbus?

While getting around Columbus has become easier over the years, residents feel that the city is not as well connected. Columbus has a dire need to improve transportation in the city and make it easier for residents to get around. However, the public transportation in the city has been gradually improving every year, making the city more tourist-friendly as well.

1. Walkability in Columbus

Some neighborhoods in the city like German Village, Brewery District, Italian Village and Weinland Park are the most walkable in the city. It seems that most neighborhoods are working on becoming more pedestrian friendly, and making the city more walkable overall.

2. Roads/traffic in Columbus

Traffic in the city is light, so you will not need to sit in a stalled car for minutes on end. Rush hours can be a little hectic, but Columbus is not the worst city in terms of traffic. Usually, you won’t face much problems if you are heading out of town during the morning rush hour, and if you are heading into town during the evening rush.

3. Taxis in Columbus

From the Yellow Cab of Columbus and Columbus Taxi Services, to Uber and Lyft, you have a lot of taxi options in Columbus. Typically, the base fare in Columbus is $2.75 with an additional $1.27 for every kilometer and a waiting charge of $27 per hour.

4. Public transportation in Columbus

The Central Ohio Transit Authority provides bus services throughout the year, every 15 minutes in the Greater Columbus region. You can also avail free-of-cost shuttle rides in open-air Golf Carts, in Downtown Columbus via the FreeRide service.

5. Airports in Columbus

The Rickenbacker International Airport and John Glenn Columbus International Airport are the two commercial airports in Columbus. Bolton Field, located close to Columbus, helps in servicing aviation enthusiasts, private pilots and other businesses. The Columbus Regional Airport Authority is in charge of maintaining and regulating the services provided by the three airports in Columbus.

6. Cycling in Columbus

Columbus is dedicated to creating a bicycle friendly community. Currently, the League of American Bicyclists has given the city a bronze status ranking and declared it to be a “Bicycle Friendly Community”. The CoGo bike share is a part of the public transportation of the city, with over 70 stations scattered across Columbus.

Restaurants in Columbus

Columbus has a diverse community; hence it comes as no surprise that it is a popular testing market for new food items, drinks and snacks. Apart from this, the city’s diverse background ensures that no matter which neighborhood you may be in, you will find several authentic cuisine options form around the world. Whether you’re in the mood for Greek, India or Thai, you will find an option near you.

Nightlife in Columbus

If you enjoy being out in the city at night, Columbus is the place for you. Here, you will find everything from local breweries, to live entertainment options that will keep you occupied. Local drinks at popular water holes are the typical night out for residents, and top-notch dining options are not far behind. The fun doesn’t end there, you can explore dance clubs and cabaret options in the city, and experience a night out like never before.