Thinking about moving to Atlanta? Well, we’re here to tell you it’s a great idea. It’s one of those rare big cities in America with a fascinating history and diverse culture that is still affordable. Honestly, moving to Atlanta might be the best decision you’ve ever made. Because once you’re here, it won’t take you long to fall in love with the city. But we know that moving to a new city can be nerve-racking and we’re committed to making this process as easy for you as possible. Which means we’re going to help you get acquainted with the city as well as show you how to look for cheap apartments and rooms for rent in Atlanta. Before we get into all that, let’s get to know the city a little better!

Getting to know Atlanta

Known as the cradle of the Civil Rights Movement, Atlanta has a fascinating history. Figures such as Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Congressman John Lewis call Atlanta their home.

The city was instrumental in shaping the civil rights movement between the 1940s and the 1970s. Today, Atlanta is one of the largest growing metro areas in America. With a booming economy, great weather, a thriving music scene and burgeoning street art scene, there’s never a dull moment in the city. Who wouldn’t want to move here!? So, if you’re thinking of moving here and are looking for cheap rooms and apartments for rent in Atlanta, read on!

Finding rooms for rent in Atlanta

Atlanta is a city with a booming economy and yet housing here is pretty affordable. While the median rent here for a studio, $988, is a little over the national average, finding apartments or cheap rooms for rent in Atlanta is still pretty easy. How many other major cities can claim that? That’s right, close to none. So, if moving to Atlanta and trying to find rooms or apartments for rent, make sure to check out these neighborhoods.

Top neighborhoods in Atlanta

  • Buckhead: One of the most posh neighborhoods in Atlanta, Buckhead is great for anyone who’s willing to spend a little extra. Whether you’re looking for large estates or modest apartments in Atlanta, Buckhead has it all. So, if you can afford it, definitely check this neighborhood out!
  • Midtown: There is no neighborhood that’s more conveniently located than Midtown. With both the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and the High Museum of Arts located here, Midtown is the heart and soul of Atlanta. Since this neighborhood offers a range of different accommodation options, you won’t have a problem finding cheap rooms for rent in this part of Atlanta.
  • Decatur: This neighborhood’s for all the college students and young professionals. Both Agnes Scott College and Emory University are located here, making this neighborhood the perfect choice for students looking for cheap rooms or apartments for rent in Atlanta. As a bonus, Decatur is also extremely walkable and bike-friendly!

Average rent in Atlanta

Rooms for Rent in Atlanta Average Rent
Studio Apartment in Atlanta $978
1 Bedroom Apartment in Atlanta$809
2 Bedroom Apartment in Atlanta $1,872
3 Bedroom Apartment in Atlanta $2,256

University life in Atlanta

While Atlanta may not be a college town, the city still has a lot to offer to college students. Home to some of the best HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities), Atlanta has one of the most diverse student populations in the country. The average cost of living here, between $1200-$2200, is higher than the national average. But if you find cheap rooms for rent somewhere in Atlanta, the cost of living comes way down. With a vibrant culture and fascinating History, Atlanta is a great choice for students everywhere. Here’s a the top five universities and colleges in Atlanta, according to USNews:

How transit friendly is Atlanta

Transit around Atlanta can be a little frustrating. With six major interstate highways in the city, the traffic here can be a little annoying. But there are some great alternatives that’ll make your commute easier and cheaper. Here’s a brief look at all the different transit options available to you!

Walkability in Atlanta:

With a walk score of 48, Atlanta isn’t the most walkable city in America. In fact, it’s good to have a car to run your errands. But there are specific neighborhoods, such as Buckhead and Midtown that are extremely walkable.

Roads/traffic in Atlanta:

Okay, we won’t sugar coat it; the traffic in Atlanta is pretty bad. In fact it featured on INRIX’s international list of cities with the worst traffic congestion. But there are ways to get around the traffic, once you get to know your way around.

Taxis in Atlanta:

Because of the stress of traffic and the parking situation, many prefer to travel in taxis. A slightly expensive option, a taxi can be hailed easily on the street, especially near tourist destinations. Of course, Uber and Lyft are also popular options.

Public transportation in Atlanta:

This is the most budget-friendly way of getting around the city.  Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) operates both rail and bus lines. A one-way ticket costs $2.50, making it the quickest and cheapest option. You can also take advantage of the Atlanta Streetcar to travel in the city.

Airports in Atlanta:

The Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport is the primary airport in Atlanta. One of the busiest airports in the world, the airport is about 12 miles from Downtown Atlanta.

Cycling in Atlanta:

Biking in Atlanta is not the most popular choice of transportation. However, the city has made considerable effort over the years to make the city more bike-friendly.

Music scene in Atlanta

If you know anything about hip-hop (or soul music or gospel music or R&B), you know that Atlanta has a thriving music scene. Some of the most brilliant artists in American history have come from Atlanta. So if you’re a music fan, Atlanta is the place for you. From jazz to blues to rap, there’s not one genre of music that you won’t find here. Here’s some places and festivals you should check out to listen to the live performances of the best music that Atlanta has to offer!

Nightlife in Atlanta

Atlanta is known for its exhilarating nightlife. We could write on and on about it, but there would be no point. Some things are best experienced first-hand. From award-winning restaurants to the most fun clubs in the country, Atlanta has a lot to offer. So, these are a few places that you must check out on your night out on the town!

  • Tongue and Groove
  • MJQ Concourse
  • Opera Nightclub
  • Suite Food Lounge
  • Gold Room
  • Halo Lounge

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