Going off to college is both an exciting and nerve-wracking experience. It can be hard to figure out what to bring and what you will actually use while at school. There’s no need to feel overwhelmed; here’s a list of essential items to bring to college that will make your life easier and keep your dorm room organized.

1. A mattress pad is on top of our essential items list!

Most dorm rooms come with a twin XL mattress that isn’t always that comfortable. Be sure to bring a mattress pad so your bed is cozier and you can happily sink into it after a long day of classes! Bring a throw blanket and extra pillows in order to make your dorm room feel homier!

2. A trunk

This is a must and perhaps one of those essential items in our list that you shouldn’t skip. Freshman dorm rooms are often limited in the amount of space that is available. Bringing a trunk to store extra clothes or other items will help you if you run out of space. To maximize your dorm room space, raise your bed frame so you are able to put your trunk and other items – such as storage bins – underneath. This will make your room look less cluttered.

3. Drawer dividers

Dorm rooms usually have one large dresser, so clothes can easily get messy inside. Bringing drawer dividers will help to maximize your space as well as keep your clothes organized. For all of you wondering – “why are drawer dividers in an essential items list?” Well, friends if you like rummaging through a messy drawer to find your stationery and glasses like ATT – these dividers are surely not for you!

4. A mini-fridge (if you’re possessive about your snacks add this to your essential items)

Don’t forget this! A mini-fridge is an essential item to bring to college to store drinks and snacks. You will want to have a place to store food in case you don’t feel like going to the dining hall (and to avoid the risk of your snacks being stolen). If possible, make sure to get a mini-fridge with a freezer. This way you will have ice to keep your water cold.

5. A shoe rack

Bringing a shoe rack is another way to help keep your dorm room clean and organized. A shoe rack helps to maximize your closet space and makes it easier to get ready in the morning. If your dorm room has a closet, tuck your shoe rack inside to hide it away and save space.

6.Command strips/hooks

If you want to hang up string lights, posters, a tapestry, or pictures, you should definitely bring command strips and hooks. This is an easier and cleaner way to decorate your room without having to use a hammer and nails – which you could get in trouble for! Using command strips or hooks will also make moving out less of a hassle.

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