Stuck with your ex in close proximity, when you have nowhere to go, is super challenging. You have to come to terms with their many flaws and your annoyance towards them. You try to set boundaries, have open discussions, and bond with your roomis over wine not to lose your sanity.

But, if you live with your significant other – things might go either of two ways in the era of coronavirus quarantine.

You realize you are the perfect fit for each other and can withstand ANYTHING. With no one else around, you’ve accomplished #couplegoals, and you’ve created your utopia!

You realize you cannot stand each other. Maybe you’d been putting off the break up to try and save the relationship. Come the coronavirus quarantine, and you no longer wish to try, and you say ‘I’m out.’ But unfortunately – you can’t leave the house.

So what do you do if you break up during quarantine and are stuck with your ex indoors?

Here are some tips to help you deal with the unfortunate:

1. Communication is the key to your uncomfy situation in this Coronavirus Quarantine!

Lock your hearts but use this key to save your sanity. Instead of being awkward or fighting endlessly over the breakup, openly discuss the weirdness of being stuck with your ex. Suppose communication has always been lacking, then set boundaries for yourself about talking too much or trying to probe feelings out when they don’t want to. Your trials at conversation need to be empathetic and selfless to try and keep the indoor environment peaceful when you break up during quarantine.

2. You’re already stuck with your ex, refrain from drunk knocking on their door

If you’ve decided to drink away your anger or your sadness, try to limit yourself. But if you have decided to take full support of alcohol to get over your breakup (while your ex is in the living room), call your friends and make sure you do everything you can to stop yourself from drunk knocking on their door. Remember the times you drunk texted or called an ex and couldn’t stop regretting it. Drunk knocking on their door will worsen your break up during this coronavirus quarantine!

3. Try to be a good team

We know it’s tough to be friends with your ex. Sometimes, it’s not even possible. No one in their right minds would want to go through that right after a breakup. So you can blame this thought on the coronavirus quarantine.

If you do have to continue to live together after breaking up during quarantine, you need to become a team. Try and pull out the best parts of what made your relationship work in the past and battle this together until things get better.

4. Try not to pick unnecessary fights

When you break up, all you can think about is the flaws of your SO. It’s also natural for your friends to remind you of all their negative qualities, in a bid to help you get over them.

While that might work in a normal scenario, if you’re stuck with your ex because of the coronavirus quarantine, focusing on their flaws won’t help anyone. It might lead to more fights and more insanity.

But it would help if you resisted the urge to push each other’s buttons every time you have to come eye to eye with them. If they are ready to pick a fight, try to ignore them as much as you can.

5. Can’t un-stuck with your ex? Take shelter somewhere else

Although it is not the best of decisions to move right now, if your break up during quarantine has made you realize that your ex SO and current roommate is plain toxic or abusive and affects your mental health, you need to review your options of moving out.

Mental health has taken a toll on everyone in these strange conditions. You shouldn’t have to handle more than you already have on your plate.

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