As we all know, a stoner regularly takes or is habitually high on drugs, for example, cannabis, marijuana. Living with a stoner roommate can be exhausting, but they live by etiquette that will guide you. Not every 420 friendly roommate abides by the same code of social behavior, but some guidelines can live with persistence.

There are pros and cons to living with a pothead.

Pros of living with a pothead

1. They are creative thinkers.

While some stoner roommates sit around moping all day long, the majority run successful businesses. They say that weed relaxes an overactive mind and stimulates the brain to think outside the box. You can be rest assured that they won’t delay rent payments.

2. Allows for deeper connection.

Living with a pothead allows for deeper connection, a special kind of bond. A stoner roommate tends to be more honest and vulnerable. They are very loyal, and this will open you to appreciate how endearing and incomprehensible they are. Your 420 friendly roommate will have many hours of deep conversations with you.

3. They’re fun and chill.

Your 420 friendly roommate knows how to chill and have fun. You already know their favorite hobby is smoking, and they love to get cozily ensconced at home surrounded by food and friends. Sometimes they act differently, not in a scary way but probably more relaxed and high. Well, surprisingly, this can be a great thing since smoking pot relieves stress.

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Cons of living with a pothead

1. Losing connection with the outside world:

Living with a pothead who smokes too much weed will subconsciously let it diminish their opportunities to make the most out of life. They end losing their connection with the outside world, not caring about what they see and what happens to them. It is a mental and physical numbness that triggers a loss of regard for the people, responsibilities, and potential for growth within your immediate and ever-evolving life.

2. Accidentally eat a pot brownie.

If your 420 friendly roommate is a jerk, they can sneak some, especially when they don’t respect your choices. The best thing is to avoid home-baked pastries or pastries you didn’t purchase or make yourself.

3. They have a funky smell.

Living with a pothead will leave your apartment smelling like burnt rope, and you have to get used to it. It’ll hang on your clean clothes and follow you everywhere. The bright side is some people like the tobacco smell.

4. The fun doesn’t last.

The interesting stories can get old after a while; if only weed makes them funny, your stoner roommate will stop being amusing and start to get on your nerves.

Guidelines to note while living with a Pothead

Here are some guidelines to note when living with a pothead

  1. When you want to host parties, your roommate would not want to be left out.
  2. When you and your stoner roommate decide to host a party, communication is vital. As a non-smoker, you have friends who do not smoke and will like to be aware of your food choices. You need to communicate to guests, with the invitation and on arrival at your house.
  3. You talk to them about the food and drinks you provide, whether they contain cannabis/marijuana, how much was incorporated, and the potential effects. Also, consider making food and drinks for non-stoner roommates and guests, so guests can easily make their choices. These are the things you put into consideration when living with a pothead.
  4. There are moments where living with a pothead will bother you as a non-smoker; this is what you should do: Honesty is the best way to go, but the way you deliver this message will let you know if the discussion will go well. You can ask if they have time to talk about some roommate topics on things that make them uncomfortable. State it simply without being offensive that you aren’t bothered about the smoking, but the frequency that they do it is getting to you. You can suggest that the windows are left open, or they do it outside sometimes. Whatever will make you feel more comfortable and know that there will be counter suggestions, but you have to find a balance that’ll satisfy you both as it is both of your apartment and you both need to be comfortable.

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