So you’re moving to Iowa City and looking for rooms to rent. You run a quick web search and find an endless list of apartment listings but can’t make sense of it. We’ve all been there. Moving to a new city and figuring the housing market is tough. Or maybe you are fresh out of school or university and looking for a room to rent. Either way, it isn’t always easy, so we’re here to help you make sense of it all.

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An introduction to Iowa City

Iowa City is situated in Johnson County, Iowa. It was created by the Legislative Assembly of the Iowa Territory on January 21, 1839. You will experience a humid continental climate and winters are dry with wetter summers and monsoons. Iowa is widely known as a college town, and there is a decent chance that you are a student too. Home to the well-known University of Iowa, it is recognized as one of the most educated cities in the country.

Looking for rooms to rent in Iowa City

Once the capital of the state, Iowa City boasts of diverse culture, attractive downtown, and historic campus buildings. It was named “the second-best small metropolitan area for doing business in the United States” by Forbes magazine in 2008. This makes it an attractive city for not just students but working professionals as well. The cost of living here is lower than the nationwide average. However, some areas located near the university can be pricy due to the high demand. Here are some places you should check out for rooms to rent in Iowa City.

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Top Neighborhoods in Iowa City

  • University Heights: A great neighborhood if you are a university student or young professional looking for a room to rent or even looking for a roommate. Moreover, it’s a highly educated crowd and ideal location.
  • Downtown: Downtown has excellent walkability and a mix of smaller and larger apartments and homes. It is a prime location and popular with college students. A good choice if you are joining college and looking for rooms to rent in Iowa City.
  • Goosetown: Goosetown is a charming and pleasant neighborhood that is also near the city center. It is located near the University of Iowa. Great if you are a student there and looking for rooms to rent in Iowa City. Use the Roomi App to find people looking for roommates!
  • Northside: The old part of the city, Northside is a historical neighborhood. The residents here are a mix of students, professionals, and families. Home to many great shops, theaters, and restaurants.

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Some things to know about Iowa City

If you’re new to Iowa City and looking for rooms to rent, here’s a quick lesson on life in Iowa City! Here are some of the things you should know and can expect.

Black, Gold And Hawkeyes

The University of Iowa and the Hawkeyes are a huge deal. You will notice that everything is black and gold-themed and this is no coincidence. Representing the Hawkeyes is a matter of pride, and being a Hawkeye is like a religion here. If you are looking for rooms to rent in Iowa City, be prepared to learn about them!


As we mentioned, Iowa city is a university city and boasts a huge student population. Along with this, it is also a highly educated city. The Iowa Writers’ Workshop at the University of Iowa, is one of the world’s best in creative writing. Education is taken seriously here. The University of Iowa was the first coeducational public university in the country. It was the first coeducational medical school the first Department of Religious Studies.

History of Iowa City

Iowa City is one of three cities worldwide that is designated a UNESCO City of Literature. It is also home to the Amana Colonies. Originally a group of German settlements, you can find traditional German food and crafts here. From the historic neighborhood of Northside to the buildings of the University, you are surrounded by history.


Iowa City has the highest walkability ranking of any city in the state. Moreover, The Downtown District in particular is known for its amazing walkability. If you are looking for rooms to rent here or looking for a roommate, you can always get out and walk. With an abundance of things to eat, do and see, Iowa City is perfect if you love seeing places on foot.

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