Having noisy neighbors is often an unavoidable part of apartment living. Maybe your neighbors like partying late into the night, have a loud pet or play a musical instrument (terribly). There are different laws regarding noise depending on where you live. If you have an apartment noise complaint that you want to report, read on!

What is a noise complaint?


An apartment noise complaint is a formal report that is submitted to the property owner or management. This could be due to a variety of cases where excess noise is becoming a nuisance to the resident. Dogs barking, loud music, late-night partying, or other loud noises are all grounds for a report. Noise laws for apartment buildings can vary, but there are usually ‘quiet hours’ designated.

You have the right to file a noise complaint if noise rules are being broken as per:

  • Building ‘quiet hours’ or noise regulations
  • Lease agreement conditions
  • Local noise laws and regulations

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Handling noisy neighbors

We’ve all had noisy neighbors at some point and we know how annoying it can be. However, calling the police or filing a noise complaint isn’t always reasonable. Maybe you and your neighbor just have different work or sleep schedules. There are some things that you can do, before taking these steps.


Dealing with the noise yourself

  • Earbuds or headphones: If your noisy neighbors are hampering your sleep, consider investing in a pair of foam earbuds. They are a cheap and easy way to cancel out the noise and sleep better. If these aren’t enough, try noise-canceling headphones instead. These are much more effective when it comes to cutting out the noise and can be great if you like falling asleep to music.
  • Soundproofing: If you want a better way to dampen the noisy neighbors, consider soundproofing your rooms. Installing soundproofing panels on the walls or lining the gap in your door can help cut the noise. Soundproofing panels are fairly cheap and can be found online on sites like Amazon with free shipping.
  • White noise: If you are having trouble falling asleep with all the noise, a white noise machine may help. This machine emits white noise, that will drown the noise and help you sleep better. If you don’t want to purchase one, you can even play white noise from your phone or speakers.
  • Communicate with your noisy neighbors: Before you make an apartment noise complaint, try talking to your neighbor. Letting them know your issues and see if you can come up with a compromise. Before you escalate the situation, simply explaining your problems to your neighbor could help.

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How to report an apartment noise complaint

If you have tried to deal with the noise yourself, talked to your neighbor and the noise just won’t quit, you may have to file a complaint. Before you report your complaint, it is important you check the noise laws for buildings in your area.

Understand the laws or regulations

Different counties can have different regulations, and you can check for your specific area online. Even your buildings may have regulations and quiet hours that can be found in your lease agreement. Understand what the regulations and your rights are before you file the apartment noise complaint. If you have a noise complaint for dogs barking, also check the pet policy of the property.

Report the problem

If there is an outlined process for dealing with noise complaints, follow it and report the issue. If there isn’t, you can write a letter to the relevant person, whether it is the property owner or manager. Be sure to include the issues you are facing and for how long they have persisted. If you have tried to deal with the problem yourself by talking to the noisy neighbors, mention that too.

What if the problem persists

If you have reported your apartment noise complaint and the issue persists, write a follow-up to the concerned authority. Be sure to keep records of all your communications and reports as well. If the issue carries on after multiple reports, you may want to contact law enforcement. You can look up the non-emergency phone number or email ID and contact them.

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How to deal with an apartment noise complaint

If you have found yourself on the receiving end of an apartment noise complaint, here is what you should do. First of all, go through the complaint and see if you have violated any local or building regulations. If not, you should approach the relevant authority and seek clarity regarding the complaint.


If you are in the wrong, here is what you can do to amend the situation:

Apologize and talk to your neighbor

If you have found yourself to be in the wrong, approach your neighbor and apologize for the noise. Explain the situation to them and assure them that it will not be an issue again. You can share your phone number with your neighbor too. This way they can directly contact you if they have any noise issues.

Respect quiet hours

If you party, play loud music, or have a noisy hobby, be sure that you are being reasonable with the noise you make. Always stop these activities by the quiet hours. Abiding by the noise laws for apartment buildings will help you stay in the clear from further complaints.

Soundproof rooms

If you stay up late or have an unusual work or sleep schedule, it can be difficult to abide by the quiet hours. In cases like this, where you can’t avoid making some noise, you may also want to consider soundproofing your room or apartment.

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