Many of us have grown up around pets and love their companionship. Living alone, or even with a roommate can be boring sometimes, and a pet can fix that! If your pet of choice is a cat, then read on to know what the right cat breeds are for apartments. Indoor cats can have requirements and you need to be prepared to care for them too! This guide will help you choose a breed right for you and make sure your furry friend stays healthy and happy.

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Best cat breeds for apartments

You might be wondering, what makes a cat breed suitable for the apartment life? Well, not all breeds are the same when it comes to cats. There are many reasons why some breeds are better suited than others. The level of activity, and the space that a cat needs, varies by breed. Some breeds also shed a lot and would be hard to clean after in an apartment. Living in close quarters with humans means that indoor cats should be friendly and tolerant too. That being said, here are some breeds you should consider, and why!

1. British Shorthair

  • Coat: Short
  • Weight: 6-14 pounds
  • Activity: Low to Medium

Out of many cat breeds for apartments, the British Shorthair is one of the most adaptable. They are rather quiet and calm and love to lounge around and relax. This breed also needs less grooming and sheds less, thanks to its shorter coat. They are independent and entertain themselves but are not dismissive either. They are also quite intelligent and will enjoy toys or puzzles.

2. Russian Blue

  • Coat: Short
  • Weight: 8-15 pounds
  • Activity: Medium

The Russian Blue is affectionate and curious and will follow you around, but is not clingy too. It will retreat into its own space and is independent as well. They are known for being rather reserved, and with moderate energy levels, they are adaptable to apartments. Russian blues are also loyal and will bond with one person, and can be a bit dismissive of strangers. They enjoy observing people from a distance and as a bonus, their fur releases fewer allergens.

3. Maine Coon

  • Coat: Long
  • Weight: 11-21 pounds
  • Activity: Medium

The Main Coon is easily the largest one of these cat breeds for apartments. They are known to be ‘gentle giants’ and do not require a large space despite their size. They love socializing with their humans, but aren’t demanding of attention either. With a coat long coat and large size, they do require grooming. The Main Coon is also an affectionate breed and sticks to its favorite human.

4. American Shorthair

  • Coat: Short
  • Weight: 10-15 pounds
  • Activity: Medium

Like the name suggests, this is another short-haired cat breed and a great indoor cat. They do not shed as much and do not require much grooming, Also enjoying long lifespans and like hanging around humans, meaning you’ll have a long-term companion. Laid-back and can easily entertain themselves or stare out of a window. They love human company and will return your affection towards them.

5. Persian

  • Coat: Long
  • Weight: 7-12 pounds
  • Activity: Low

The Persian is perhaps the most relaxed of all the cat breeds for apartments on this list. They are rather large and their long fur makes them super cuddly. They are not very jumpy or inquisitive and enjoy taking long naps. Persians will not climb about and explore too much either and are comfortable in smaller spaces. They are also tolerant of humans and don’t mind sharing space.

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Is my apartment suitable for a cat?

Not all apartments or environments are suitable for your furry friend! First off, make sure that your housing complex and apartment permit pets. If so, check if there are any restrictions on breeds, sizes, or weight. Once you have ensured that you are permitted to have pets, make sure your apartment is suitable for it. Here are some things to keep in mind!

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Apartment size

While some breeds are less active and require less space, there should still be enough space for your cat. Make sure that your indoor cat has enough space to walk around and have its space. There should at least be some space for your pet to play around or stretch its legs occasionally.

Kitty Litter

You may not have given this too much thought, but your cat is going to need a litter. Yes, just like you, your furry friend is going to be relieving itself regularly. This can be messy and cause an odor in an enclosed space. You will need to ensure you have space for a kitty litter and ventilation for the smells.

Storage and shelves

Being the inquisitive animals they are, your cat is going to be exploring its space. While some cat breeds for apartments are less active, they will still occasionally climb about. If you have a lot of open cabinets, fragile decorations or objects, and things that can get knocked over, then caution. You want to hold off on getting yourself a cat, or maybe secure things behind cabinets with doors.


Your furry friend will appreciate being able to bask in the sun on a cold day. Cats also enjoy looking out of windows and watching the activity outside. Having a window is important for your furry friend’s well-being and comfort.

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