It is cheaper and a lot more convenient to do your laundry at home, this is usually a fun and smooth process but it can be different when there is shared laundry in an apartment, basically sharing a washer and dryer in an apartment. This is an unending chore and it should be fun and done right. Below are some laundry room etiquettes one should follow for a happy coliving experience!

Laundry Room Etiquette 101


Keep the laundry room tidy, especially when it’s a shared laundry in an apartment. When there are spills, you clean it up and clean out the lint trap, change it after every use and throw away drying sheets and empty detergent wraps. There’s potential for a mess when sharing a washer and dryer in an apartment but can be kept to a bare minimum with intentional efforts like cleaning thoroughly after use. If not done properly, it can cause slipping hazards and in the case of spilling bleach, it can ruin someone’s clothes.


Maximize your time so you don’t waste other’s time. Don’t monopolize the machines. Please don’t leave your dirty clothes sitting in the washer or dryer while someone else is waiting for a machine in a shared laundry in an apartment. Time your laundry, you surely do not want someone else removing your clothes and placing them on the machine or your clothes getting dirty by being tossed aside or collecting mold from being left in the washer for too long.


You can’t reserve a machine in a shared laundry in an apartment when you are not ready. Being busy is not an excuse for reserving a dryer if you are not actively using a machine especially when you are sharing a washer and dryer in an apartment.

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Sorting out your clothes for laundry saves time. treat stains in advance this helps to maximize your time so you don’t leave others waiting for a machine. You can get a different bag for your detergents, softeners, and dryer sheets for easy access.


Respect everyone’s space and belongings, ask to be sure if someone is using a machine so you don’t cause an awkward situation also do not monopolize the machines. Use a timer to ensure you get your clothes out on time so you don’t keep your neighbor waiting. This is very essential in a shared laundry in an apartment. This is to avoid being on bad terms with your neighbor. Don’t use someone else’s hamper without permission even if you are sharing a washer and dryer in an apartment and if you know you’d be late in getting your clothes, write a note and leave your laundry basket/hamper by the machine so the next person can help you place them neatly.


Try to be patient when you notice that a washer or dryer has completed its cycle and the owner is not yet there to pack their clothes, never move anyone’s stuff if you can help it. You don’t want to have issues with someone’s personal belongings. They’ll be back soon. If they don’t return in time and you absolutely have to use a machine, it’s a good rule of laundry room etiquette to wait at least 10 to 20 minutes to see if the owner of the clothes is coming back for their laundry. After the time elapsed and their basket is present, gently place the laundry inside of it.

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