Leaves are falling and the air is getting crisper… which only means one thing, Thanksgiving is just around the corner! On a budget? No need to stress! Here are some ideas for affordable DIY Thanksgiving decorations that are bound to spread some holiday cheer!

With the weight of the pandemic still sitting heavily on our shoulders, it is important to do little things for ourselves in order to make our lives feel somewhat normal again. Thanksgiving decorations are bound to boost any negative quarantine mood!

DIY Thanksgiving decorations to spice up your front door

Make sure your home looks festive before you even step through the door! Browse HomeGoods or Target for a cheap fall wreath that you can hang up in order to spice up your front door. Look for a wreath decorated with fall leaves or neutral tones to keep with the warm Thanksgiving color scheme.

To make your front door even more festive, stop by your local grocery store and pick up a few pumpkins and potted fall plants such as marigolds, and add a pop of color to your front step. Decorating with plants is cheap, environmentally friendly and looks super pretty!

Create a decorative centerpiece

A centerpiece decoration is a must-have for any holiday dinner. There’s no need to overspend and purchase an expensive centerpiece when it’s easy to make one on your own! Head over to an arts and crafts store like Micheals, and pick out a wooden rectangular box, a few small pumpkins, decorative leaves, and some large candles.

Here’s how to make your DIY Thanksgiving decoration. Firstly, take your box and scatter the leaves as desired inside. Then, take your candles and pumpkins and place them side by side inside the box, alternating between pumpkin and candle. And viola! A perfect and easy to make fall centerpiece.

DIY Thanksgiving Turkeys

This is the perfect arts and crafts project to enjoy with a few close friends or family members, plus, this decoration idea won’t break the bank! All you’ll need is construction paper, scissors, and crayons or pencils. Put on your favorite holiday movie and have fun with this DIY thanksgiving decoration!

Take a brown piece of construction paper and place your non-dominant hand onto it with your fingers spread apart. Next, trace your hand on the construction paper. Take scissors and cut out the outline of your hand. Use colored pencils to create your turkey! You can repeat this process to create multiple turkeys that you can use as decorations on your fridge or windows.

Festive fall leaf DIY lanterns

One of the super fun DIY Thanksgiving decorations to try! Stop spending money on cute, expensive candles and make your own instead! All you’ll need is a mason jar (or multiple depending on how many lanterns you want to make), decorative leaves, modge podge, a paintbrush, and a small tea light.

First, take your jar and and cover it in a thin layer of modge podge with your paintbrush. Next, take a leaf and place it on your jar until it sticks. Continue this process until the leaves cover the entire jar. Next, paint another layer of modge podge on top of the leaves so that they stay in place. Let the jar dry. Once it’s dry, place the tea light inside, light the candle… and voilà! A festive fall candle – the perfect addition to any room.

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