It looks like it’s going to be a long winter. The best adjustment you can make to your health routine while working from home is to start the day with some strength, flexibility and cardio exercises. If you do them before breakfast, you get your metabolism (and your productivity) fired up for the day. The best way to stay focused is to keep changing your workout routine, so why not take advantage of the space in your apartment and create a home gym? After all, you don’t need fancy equipment to have the best (and cheap) home gym around!

If the idea of working out in the comfort of your own home and saving money on fitness memberships sounds good, here are some tips to follow when setting up a home gym. Trainers all around the world swear by these 7 pieces of gear to make every home gym effective. Are you ready to work up a sweat?

1. A mat

This is not only the best, but also a cheap home gym equipment that you need to get started. There are two variations of mats available; a yoga mat and a jump mat. The latter is a bit thicker, and is used for much more intensive exercises. A jump mat can also double as a yoga mat if you prefer a little more cushioning.

Work out in your bedroom if you have the space (and want to Downward Dog in private) or convert your living room into a workout space with a few quick changes. Shift your furniture to the side to give your mat some space, and then you can binge-watch Netflix while you exercise. Just make sure your roommates are on-board with the set-up first.

2. Resistance bands

Resistance bands are core pieces of equipment for a home gym. They take up very little space, and are versatile and cost-effective. They come in various resistance levels, so you will always have new ways to challenge yourself. Regardless of what you do, make sure you have a structured plan that covers all parts of the body, instead of doing a few reps of bicep curls or lunges, here or there.

3. Jump rope

Every home gym needs a good licorice jump rope. A jump rope helps supplement workouts and keeps your feet moving when you might not get a full workout. There are many cheap jump ropes available for beginner exercises, and even advanced variations if you feel like taking your skipping to the next level. It’s a cheap addition to your home gym, but boy is it worth it!

4. Dumbbells

If you’re looking to break out of bodyweight exercises all day, a set of dumbbells is just what you need. Storing them is pretty simple – keep them under the bed when you finish working out. Adjustable dumbbells add a little more heat to your routine., giving you the ability to go light or go heavy. The easiest way to keep challenging your body from workout to workout is to add more load and weight to the exercise. If you have the extra room, you can even get yourself adjustable weights for your dumbbells.

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5. Pull-up bar

pull up bar is one of the basics for a full home gym. If you’re new to pull-ups, you’ll likely feel like giving up quickly when you set up the bar and pump out. Even if you’re hardly moving, stay with it, as pull-ups are a great way to strengthen your upper body and core. The more you use the pull-up bar, the faster you’ll see results. You can easily attach the pull-up bar to your door frame without taking away from your limited floor space. Just do a pull-up every time you pass by, and you’ll see results in no time.

6. Kettlebell

This equipment is handy due to its size and functionality. It can be easily tucked away when you don’t need it, and can supplement your cardio exercises when you do. Kettlebells offer full-body toning and enhance your cardio exercises, adding that extra strength and endurance challenge to your workout.

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7. Workout bench

You can place the working bench on the jump mats to complete your home gym. While this equipment is not necessary for all your fitness programs, it is critical for most weightlifting programs. Without a workout bench, you can still get a good workout, but if you do have the room, you might find it could switch up your whole routine.

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