Finding a room can be strenuous – even more so when you’re new to the city. You’ll find yourself balancing checks about which neighborhood is safe, rooms that fit your budget, reading listings, contacting prospective landlords and finally signing leases. You’re probably tired just thinking about all the tasks ahead. Luckily, room finders like Bungalow and Roomi help simplify the process of finding rooms.

We know how tough it can be and that’s why we have put this Bungalow review together. This will help you decide if Roomi is a better Bungalow alternative or just another regular website to find rooms for rent. Let’s take a deep dive.

Features: What filters & preferences do these room finders offer to help you find your perfect room?

Before setting out to get a room, you probably have an idea of what kind of apartment you would love to live in. The best room finders can help you put these ideas into preset filters which can then be run to find rooms for rent that suit you down to the ground. In this article, we’ve compared the most important features of Bungalow against that of its alternative, Roomi.

No fee apartments

Bungalow does not charge a broker fee, so users can view listings for free and even carry out virtual tours. However, the company charges a service fee to help cover some maintenance costs and additional amenities. In much the same way as a website like Bungalow, all listings on Roomi are free. For no extra cost, you can check the exact amount it will cost you to rent the room you have your eye on.

Pet-friendly Apartments

Finding an apartment with a pet can be problematic. Bungalow only provides pet-friendly living in a few of its residences. If that is what you prefer, you’ll need to mail the support team to help you find an apartment that welcomes your fluffy family member.

As a pet-friendly Bungalow alternative, Roomi allows you to set your filters to indicate you are pet-loving and would like a pet in the house. Roomi also has multiple rooms listed which are pet-friendly.


There are no subletting options with Bungalow. Rather, the room finder website offers short-term and flexible leases when you find rooms in shared apartments. This option reportedly gives you more flexibility and control over your lease term than if you’re subletting.

The Bungalow alternative, Roomi, on the other hand, allows you to sublet rooms through its platform. It even goes further to educate you on the laws around subletting, such as whether you can charge the subletter more than your actual rent. You can also request background checks for any potential roommates, so you only end up with trustworthy folk. Additionally, you enjoy secure in-app messaging without needing to divulge your personal information.

Filtering room based on amenities

The best room finders allow you to filter for rooms based on amenities when you’re conducting your search. Bungalow allows you to add filters relating to three amenities: a pool, a washer and a dryer. You can set your preferences to reflect what’s important to you when you’re looking to find rooms for rent on the website.

With Roomi, those who list rooms have to specify the kind of amenities that are available in their apartment. You can also set your filters to reflect the kind of amenities you’re looking for in a home, with more customizable options available.

Filtering rooms based on listing types (entire place/shared rooms)

It’s interesting to note that both roommate finder websites allow you to filter rooms based on the type of listing. With Bungalow, you can decide if you want a shared room or an entire home to yourself, and set your filter accordingly.

While Roomi does not aggregate listings, it vets each listing and also allows its users to find rooms for rent based on the listing type. Like with Bungalow, renters can choose if they want the entire apartment or just a room.

Filtering rooms based on house rules

Bungalow homes have their rules and regulations. Likewise, residents can also decide on extra house rules depending on the sort of lifestyle they want to live. For example, smoking is not allowed in Bungalow homes.

Roomi does not discriminate. As such, it has an expansive filter that accommodates all kinds of house rules you may want. You can specify what kind of house rules will make you comfortable staying in the apartment and then go on to find your perfect pad.

Pricing: Which app offers the best free and paid features?

Your budget is a primary concern for anyone who’s looking to find rooms for rent in a metro city. If you’re not careful, you’ll soon notice your savings running dry. The key is to use a room finder that delivers real value. Comparing Bungalow, and the Bungalow alternative, Roomi, here’s what we found out.

Allowing free listings

For homeowners, Bungalow signs a lease and then goes ahead to list the apartment on the website and 50 other websites like Bungalow. It’s also free to search for listed rooms on Bungalow.

For Roomi, users can list or activate up to 2 listings for free in any supported location. It’s also free to search for a place to rent. For a fee of $24.99 per month or $14.99 per week, you also get access to paid services, like background checks, identity verifications, messaging plans, listing credits, a profile boosts and listing boosts.

In-app messaging

To enjoy the in-app messaging feature of Bungalow, you have to find your preferred apartment online and take a virtual tour. Only then can you connect and communicate with the roommates to determine compatibility and ultimately apply for the apartment.

One of the mainstays of the Bungalow alternative, Roomi, is this secure in-app messaging. It allows you to communicate with a potential roommate without having to share your personal information.

Security: How Do These Apps Ensure That The Listings Are Credible?

Is Bungalow legit? Is Roomi safe and secure? Yes, they are. When homeowners come on board, the website validates their listings and then holds it as a lease.  Similarly, Roomi is also particular about security and limits views of your profile.

Roomi takes extra steps to make sure you and your details are safe. Firstly, once you’ve made a search, you’ll only see rooms listed by people whose contact details have been properly verified.

Listers have multiple options to choose from to verify their profiles, and that level of verification is displayed for you to see. Secondly, if you feel something’s wrong with a listing, you can report it to Roomi’s 24/7 moderation team. All in all, it’s a great interface that keeps your privacy and safety top priority!

So, Which Is the Best Room Finder For You?

Undoubtedly, Bungalow has many features and functions that make it a good room finder. However, the Bungalow alternative, Roomi is the best room finder app there is. It prioritizes your safety and privacy at a pocket-friendly cost. If ever there was a website to find rooms for rent, it’s Roomi.

Roomi is your one-stop option to list or find rooms, find roommates to settle into a new city easily. Download the app and sign up today!