Whether you’re a broke college student or a young professional, there’s a lot of factors to consider when moving to a new place. You could have financial restrictions in place, or just some personal preferences in mind. Either way, you’re gonna want to find the perfect room that has everything you need, and there are numerous room finder apps and websites that can help. But which one’s the best? In this article, we’ll be talking about the features and benefits of Roomi, an Aya alternative, and comparing it to Aya. Read on to see some Roomi and Aya housing reviews and find out the best room finder for you.

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Features: What filters & preferences do these room finders offer to help you find your perfect room?

The best room finder is packed with features that help users, like no-fee listings and plenty of filters to choose from. With these features, finding a room for rent can become a hassle-free experience, believe it or not! Here are some of the features of Roomi and Aya to help you choose the best room finder for your big search.

No fee Apartments

The first thing we look for is pricing, to make sure the room is within our budget and there aren’t any charges added on by the app or website. In Roomi, the listings are no fee. Meaning, you don’t have to pay a broker’s fee or any other additional costs. Similarly, Aya doesn’t charge a broker’s fee, but you’re required to pay an application fee on top of your rent.

Pet-friendly Apartments

With Roomi, there’s no such thing as no pets allowed! Roomi offers pet-friendly filters to make finding rooms for rent easier for you and your dog, cat, fish or bunny rabbit. While looking for rooms, you can narrow down your search by choosing “Has Dog,” “Has Cat,” or “Has Other Pet” as your filters. However, Aya doesn’t allow pets in their apartments.


Both Roomi and Aya provide subletting services, but Aya is only available in select New York neighborhoods, while Roomi offers its subletting (and more!) services worldwide.

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Filtering rooms based on amenities

When finding rooms for rent, it’s important to ensure that the amenities you need are available, like Wi-Fi, air conditioning, or a private bathroom. This is why Roomi has a wide variety of filters to choose from, and listing amenities is one of them. If you want a place with outdoor space and a readily available elevator, you can narrow down your searches by choosing the appropriate filters in the app and website. Conversely, the only filters you can select in Aya are the number of bedrooms and bathrooms.

Filtering rooms based on Listing Type (entire place/shared rooms)

To help you find your perfect room, you can filter your search based on listing type on Roomi, our Aya alternative. If you want to have the place to yourself or are comfortable in a shared room, you can easily specify your preferences in Roomi to make your room finding experience simple.

Filtering rooms based on House Rules

Not all room-finding apps can filter listings based on house rules, but it’s possible with the Aya alternative, Roomi. This user-friendly system has a filter specifically for house rules, including having pets, drinking or non-drinking pads, and whether couples are accepted. House rules are necessary, especially when co-living with other people. Unfortunately, in Aya, there aren’t any filters that accommodate house rules.

Pricing: Which app offers the best free and paid features?

Money matters when finding rooms for rent, and many room finder websites and apps charge more than you should be paying for. That’s why it’s important to use reliable room finders to bag your ideal place! To help you understand which one has the best price and benefits, here’s a comparison of some of the features of Roomi and Aya.

Allowing Free Listings

In Roomi, all users are given two free credits that can be used to either create two listings or activate any pending or deactivated listings. But, if you feel like you need more, Roomi has three credit plans available where you can purchase five credits, 15 credits, or 50 credits. You can also subscribe to Roomi Gold for even more benefits! With a monthly ($29.99) or weekly ($14.99) plan, you’ll get a Fully Verified badge on your profile and five active listings and unlimited messages, no booking fee, and 7x ranking boosts for your profile and listings!

In-app messaging

One thing that makes Roomi the best room finder is its free and secure in-app messaging. As an Aya alternative, Roomi makes messaging potential landlords or roomies simple and hassle-free! On the other hand, Aya shows you your potential roommates, but the option to send a message is unavailable.

Security: How do these apps ensure that the listings are credible?

When finding rooms for rent, you want to know that the listings you’re looking at are posted by real people. That’s why Roomi goes the extra mile in taking security measures for its users. For one, listers on Roomi can verify their profiles by providing a copy of their lease, utility bill, or any government-issued ID. With this, certain badges are shown on user profiles depending on which level of verification they have. On top of that, you don’t have to worry about information leaking as your listing address isn’t visible to others on Roomi – it will only appear as an approximate location.

Aya also verifies and does background and credit checks on its users. But according to some Aya housing reviews, their customer service is often unresponsive and is sometimes rude over the phone.

So, Which Is the Best Room Finder For You?

Choosing a room finder may seem as complicated as looking for a room to rent, but with Roomi’s many features and numerous benefits, your room finding experience becomes a breeze. Roomi has an easy-to-navigate app and website, with plenty of specific filters and a secure in-app messaging feature, making it a great Aya alternative. While Roomi allows pet-friendly apartments and no-fee listings, Aya falls short with its limited filters and unreliable customer support.

After going through the features and benefits of Roomi and Aya, it’s a no-brainer to use Roomi to find a new place to move to – the best room finder there is!

Roomi is your one-stop option to list or find rooms, find roommates to settle into a new city easily. Download the app and sign up today!