Make a home away from home, even when living with a roommate. Sounds straight out of a sitcom, right? Well, it’s not very difficult to achieve and execute apartment rules if you listen closely to our living advice! You just need to put your good vibes towards finding your Ted and Marshall relationship, then leave the rest upon us! We are committed to finding you the best roommates no matter where you plan to move in the entire United States, so your sitcom fantasies don’t seem farfetched!

Tell us what you want…

What you really..really want! And finding your ideal roommate wouldn’t be that difficult. What always helps is when you have a list of Dos and Don’ts surrounding the basic idea of living with you; a list so direct can help you set the ground for your roommate rules!

Are you pet-friendly? Is having friends over going to be an issue? Do you like having dinner alone? Or do you want an ideal relationship like Ted and Marshall? How open you are to making family out of your roommates will define your relationship the best!

Will Co-living respect your apartment rules?

The short answer is YES! Communal living provides you to keep an eye out for your carbon footprint, it works exactly like public transportation when talking about catering to environmental needs. If you remember correctly, Marshall Ericson was an environmental lawyer. These co-living spaces provide you the luxury of privacy and yet having a common space to bloom your social life. Utilize these eco-conscious co-living structures to your benefit, sign up with us and find your perfect match today, just like Ted and Marshall!

Get down to business: Living Advice 101

Want to declare roommate rules? Just like in any relationship, you need to talk and speak your mind when living with roommates. We are giving you some major living advice here. It’s time to take notes as we provide solutions and give you a game plan on how to execute this, and set some apartment rules! Get the Ted and Marshall roommate relationship with this game plan:

  1. Ask about their food habits, tell them yours.
  2. Discuss possibilities of having people over, tell them your stance!
  3. Grocery shopping dates, do you see yourselves getting into this relationship that strong?
  4. Fix an app that helps you split the bills and keep a track on the same.
  5. Are they a morning person? More importantly are YOU?
  6. Hobbies, Music preferences, favorite movies, sitcoms, sports, almost anything that could get you a common ground will work as a perfect icebreaker!

These basic questions could help build a strong understanding of anybody opting for apartment living.

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Don’t jump the hurdles, embrace them

Living with another human can be a little tricky, even if that’s your own mother! So, don’t be intolerant as you are moving in with a stranger. Meet each other halfway, set the apartment rules, discuss the roommate rules, and the wisest living advice of all “it’s all about little adjustments that will help you in the long run.” Basically, please don’t run away from someone who doesn’t enjoy laundry, divide your chores, offer to do their work, and balance it out with them doing the dishes!

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Ted and Marshall would never

If you dream about having a roommate relationship like Ted and Marshall from How I met Your Mother, you must take our living advice seriously! Both of them made living with roommates look like a cakewalk, and honestly, it can be only if you set your priorities and boundaries in place! Your roommate left the empty milk carton in the fridge; what would you do pick from the options below:

  1. I would call them and scream about it, this is unacceptable.
  2. Or I would get a new one, add the expenses to the app which helps us settle the bill, and then remind them that they forgot to throw away the old carton.
  3. I would start labeling grocery/food, I take my cereal very seriously!

If you found peace with option 1, we would politely ask you not to dream about having a tight bond like Ted and Marshall.

If option 2 would be your way to handle the situation, we are very proud of you! Let’s find Ted to your Marshall!

Option 3 is not all that bad, but could be used eventually if your roommate keeps on repeating the same mistake!

Find your perfect +1 for exploring the city you are planning to move to. With us, it’s always a match!