Living in Pasadena, the characters of the Big Bang Theory entertain and delight us with their quirky humor and eccentric friendships. But as well as that, the Big Bang Theory also shows the fun side of being friends and roommates, living with a difficult person (like Sheldon), and yet loving them for who they are (like Leonard does.)

So, here are some top living advice inspired by the legendary Leonard and Sheldon, and tips for how you can apply their roommate rules to make co-living easier, and much more fun.

1. Sheldon must ask how Leonard is.


This needs to be the norm in your (unspecified) roommate rules, especially in times like these. We’re all fighting big battles by ourselves and it seems like everyone has so much going on, that we can’t even fully care for ourselves, let alone anyone else.

So, make it a habit to regularly check on the people you live with and ask how they’re feeling. Be like Leonard and Sheldon and no matter how much you get onto each other’s nerves, push that aside, and take care of each other.

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2. Roommates must notify each other 12 hours in advance if they wish to have a house guest.


Well, yes! Okay, maybe not 12 hours (we know that’s just Sheldon being Sheldon.) But giving your roommate a quick heads up about guests coming to stay, is common courtesy and should be included in your roommate rules. Trust us, this is key living advice for maintaining a healthy friendship.

And now, with the pandemic in our lives, instead of just informing them, it’s good practice to make sure they’re okay with having people over. If they’re not, you can come up with a solution together.

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3. Any changes in furnishings have to be approved by the furnishing committee which meets on alternate years on his spot.


Being stuck at home, most people want to clean, rearrange and do things to make the place feel less drab and make themselves feel better. And that’s completely understandable. But, you need to keep the people you live within the loop and as such, this clause should be in the roommate rules!

If you decide to do some rearrangements, have a discussion about what is okay, and what is not first. Rearranging the living room might be okay, but rearranging their bedroom probably isn’t!

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4. Pets are banned, with the exception of service animals such as cybernetically-enhanced helper monkeys.


Now, we’re sure no roommate will be as harsh as Sheldon and that cybernetically-enhanced helper monkeys do not exist (yet.)

But if you’re living with someone who IS as stubborn as Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory and they do not want to share their home with animals, our best living advice is to look for new humans to live with. That way, you can have pets other than seeing-eye dogs and soft kitties.

However, for all kinds of co-living relationships, there definitely needs to be a pet clause. Some people might be allergic to pets, while others might be terrified of certain species. And maybe that someone is you! Discuss everything upfront, so all parties know that they’ve made a good choice.

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5. Selection of a new takeout restaurant requires a public hearing and a 60-day comment period.


YES! Well, if not a 60 day comment period, a 60 minute comment period maybe? If you usually order from one specific place and want to switch things up, make sure everyone’s okay with it before you do. Make sure no one sits sulking, playing with their food while the rest tuck in. This living advice goes a long way. Trust us, you don’t want anyone in your home to get ‘hangry.’

Section 37B: provide a “confirmation sniff” to tell if questionable dairy products are edible

Think about it this way. If you break such roommate rules, the bathroom may well be blocked up by someone whose food didn’t agree with them, all because YOU didn’t follow the rule. Let that sink in. (Pun intended)

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6. Leonard will help Sheldon destroy an Artificial Intelligence that Sheldon has created that is taking over the earth; & Section 74C: Leonard must assist Sheldon if he ever becomes a robot

The future is here, isn’t it? Stuff like artificial intelligence and becoming a robot isn’t that far-fetched anymore. Therefore, we think these are pretty good clauses to add to your roommate rules and agreement.

Stop AI taking over the Earth, and assist your human friend if they turn into a robot. Seems legit!

7. Unnamed Clause in roommate rules: Leonard has to put up with Sheldon’s craziness


Don’t we all have to? Seriously though. If you’re entering a co-living relationship, like in any other relationship, be ready to accept your roommate for who they are, with all their ‘crazies’ and BAZINGAs included!

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8. Leonard and Sheldon both have the option of nullifying their roommate rules, having no responsibilities or obligations toward each other, other than paying rent and sharing utilities.


Last but not least, you don’t have to be best buddies with your roommate if that’s not your cup of tea. As long as all parties are okay just being people living together, this can work well. Feel free to have an open conversation and get it all out of the way before signing an agreement.

As long as everyone is good at paying rent, sharing utilities, and generally being civil with one another, it should work just fine. The point is, don’t force friendship on the people you co-live with.

And if you are friends, be super grateful for them. Because that is just precious.

Now we’ve cleared that up, we’re going to go back to watching The Big Bang Theory, for research purposes – obviously!

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