Whether you’re just moving to New York, or have been living in NYC and wish to redecorate without burning a hole in your wallet, you might be on the hunt for affordable furniture for your apartment.

We feel your struggle! So we want to help you find the best furniture on a budget when living in NYC.

Having said that, we also believe that furniture is a tricky investment. Only saving money shouldn’t be your priority. While affordable furniture is feasible, you need to put in the right amount of research that matches your budget but also doesn’t wear down in a couple of months.

So while you try and buy furniture on the cheaper side, you should be willing to give a price for something that will sit well in your apartment and last long, even when you have to move out.

So go for something affordable, yet sturdy and be willing to save for a later buy instead of buying cheap and bad quality furniture in a hurry.

Now let’s get to it. Here are some of the best places you can find your dream furniture on a budget when living in NYC.



Chances are you are tired of shopping from IKEA and wish to move beyond it. But the thing is when it comes to cheap and sturdy furniture, IKEA is one of the best bets for people living in NYC looking to spend less. The assembling of the furniture is hard work, yes, but if saving money is what you’re looking at, IKEA would surely top the list.

Think of it like this, you could make it a fun activity to do with your roomis!

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2. Macy’s clearance sales

Looking for something affordable yet stylish and fun? Reddit users living in NYC suggest Macy’s clearance as a money-saving option for good quality furniture.

Reddit user dubadub says

Macy’s is the super-secret money saver. Having a Macy’s card and finding a good sale saves 50-90% off list on good stuff.

Reddit user kkkat backs this up by saying

Depends on what you buy. They have good sales if you time it right. We got 2 large mid century style sofas for 600 each. They’re comfortable and stylish. Everyone constantly asks where I got them. You can also open a Macy’s card or use a new 0% card to stretch out the payments over a couple of months.

3. Article

Averagely priced online furniture store Article has a good collection of affordable furniture and has an excellent return policy for people living in NYC.

As the website states: You can return your Article product for any reason — even if you just change your mind.

Reddit user skintightmonopoly talks about a couch they bought on article.

The Article couch? Yes, it was pretty good. I ended up returning it since the color didn’t work with my room (they have an excellent return policy FYI!). I ordered the blue velvet Sven sofa. It was worth what I paid for it. Looked very pretty.


We know what you’re thinking. BED BUGS! And yes, they can be found on wooden furniture apart from your beds too. While that’s a risk, there are many ways you can prevent or avoid bed bugs when buying used furniture.

So if you find affordable furniture, don’t run away thinking the bed bugs will bite. Just thoroughly inspect and follow rules of bed bug prevention and cure and bring home furniture that you fall in love with!

4. Craigslist

When living in NYC, if you’re lucky you might find furniture on Craigslist that has been barely used and can adorn your apartment like no other!

As Reddit user man_with_cat2 says

Craigslist. Furniture seems to depreciate at least 50% the moment it’s used. Just find a lightly used West elm on there. Laying on my $100 perfect condition west elm bed right now 🙂

5. Aptdeco.com

Another used furniture buying and selling platform, Aptdeco.com has great deals on offer when it comes to affordable furniture when living in NYC! And what’s more! Their delivery team inspects for bed bugs too! They elaborate on this in their FAQ section on their website,

During the inspection, the delivery team also checks for bed bugs. If they find any signs of bed bugs, which is extremely rare, then we’ll cancel the sale and notify the buyer immediately.

As Reddit user dedbeats says

I got a $3000 3 piece sectional C&B couch for $300 from aptdeco.com. There is very often jaw-dropping steals there.

6. Kaiyo

And if you’re on the lookout for furniture stores that can provide a Certificate of Insurance for your building management when living in NYC, you should check Kaiyo out.

Moreover, they also ensure industrial cleaning for the used affordable furniture you choose to buy, and being an eco-conscious furniture store, they claim to plant a tree for every purchase made!

And while we were scouting for Reddit comments that could support our suggestions, here’s mister_foobar who made us chuckle with his comment.

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