If there’s anything New York teaches us first, it is to be strategic when spending money. Whether you’re a traveler exploring NYC or a student who’s just moved in – budgeting will be your best friend! So how does one look good and stay on a budget in New York? Well, that’s what we are here for- to help you shop for cheap designer clothes like a New York local! Cheap clothing stores, designer wear, thrift shops, and shopping tips all in one! You’re welcome 🙂

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Budget In New York #1 Best Thrift Stores

City Opera Thrift Shop

Location: 220 E 23rd Street

Known for: Cheap clothing for men & women + Designer wear & shoes + Furniture & crockery

Talk thrifty to me! City Opera is one of the best thrift stores in the city! This tiny little boutique offers cheap clothes, designer wear, home decor items, crockery, and even furniture. You can even find dresses here for as low as $5! All proceeds from this thrift store go to the New York Opera. Super cool, right?

Vintage Thrift Shop – Manhattan

Location: 286 3rd Ave

Know for:

The Vintage Thrift store is one of the best Thrift Stores in Manhattan, and only a block away from City Opera. The store has a wide selection of cheap vintage clothes, designer wear, kitchenware, home decor & furniture. This thrift store follows strict criteria for shelving second-hand items that ensure quality. Over here, you can find designer clothes for as low as $45! Win-win for all of you on a budget in New York! All sales from Vintage Thrift store benefit the United Jewish Council of the East Side.

Goldwater Thriftique (Best place to shop when you’re on a tight budget in New York)

Location: 84 East 7th St.

Known for: Women’s clothing, shoes, bags, & accessories all for under $25

Goldwater Thrift store or AuH2O shop is literally one of the cheapest thrift shops in New York. It is super rare to find stuff here that’s over $25 and mind you all the stuff here is in great condition! Moreover, you can find shoes and clothes here for as low as $5. Awesome sauce indeed!


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Budget in New York #2 Best Cheap Clothing Stores


Shopping streets: Broadway & Prince Street

This place is literally every shopping lover’s paradise – designer boutiques, famous clothing store chains, and much more. While some stores here are not budget-friendly they do have options for peeps on a budget. Get great deals and trendy stuff on a budget at Topshop, Bershka & H&M.

Budget In New York #3 Designer wear stores

Century 21

Flagship Location: 21 Dey St, New York | Find stores near you!

Known for: Men & women designer brands at amazing prices

Now, this is the places where you can find designer brands for a cheap price! New Yorkers love this place, mostly because of the variety & discounts up to 80% on brands like Gucci & Louis Vuitton. You can find anything here from sunglasses to shoes, apparel, and accessories. Super cool, right?

Roomi Tip: Visit the Dey street store as it is their flagship store which means it is pretty huge with more options.

Sample Sales

Another great way to get your hands on designer wear at affordable prices is by visiting Sample Sales! For all of you looking at your screens perplexed- sample sales are limited period pop-up shops used by retail businesses to sell excess merchandise. However, these sales are Invite only, but you can sign up and get invitations by registering on sites like Chic Mi! You’re welcome!

BONUS! Budget in New York #4 Important Shopping tip!

Avoid Sales Taxes: Unlike Europe, sales tax is not included in the price tag. The sales tax rounds up to $8.875 on items priced over $110. So by shopping under $110, you can totally avoid the taxes.

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