Brooklyn is an experience in itself. It’s colorful, wild, and comes with an uncanny sense of home. But if you’re trying to find apartments in Brooklyn, you will be faced with your own share of challenges. It’s either the expensive broker’s fees or apartments that don’t fit your budget.

So, today we’re listing some easy ways to find your oasis in Brooklyn!

Social Media

Word of mouth is still part and parcel of passing information to relevant parties even with the high-tech options available. You can secure the best deals from your friends or workmates on social media who have an ear on the ground.

Contact a Facebook friend or group member who does email marketing to send messages to all contacts in Brooklyn who can help you in securing a rental depending on your budget. Use your other social media handles (LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter) to reach those contacts with attractive offers. You are one click away from getting help up by a former college mate whose neighbor just moved out. Unless you ask, you will never know!

Roommates on Roomi are the easiest way to find apartments in Brooklyn!

The best budget decision to make when moving to Brooklyn is finding roommates. You will get the most bang for your buck when it comes to amenities, size, and location if you are splitting the costs with others who also don’t want to forgo their entire income just to live alone.

Roomi is a hub of roommates with space available. The website also has an app so you can respond quickly to people answering questions about the room you’re interested in. It’s convenient and with a large number of users, there are always tons of Brooklyn listings. This app is your most effective tool when looking for great apartments roommates included!

RentHop & finding apartments in Brooklyn!

RentHop is a friendly website where landlords, real estate developers and apartment agents do direct and ethical dealings on vacant apartments. The site keeps up -to-date information and refine options according to your desired housing (size/budget/area).

In order to post on the site, landlords have to go through a security procedure. This gives home hunters peace of mind.

Hit the road, especially when you’re aiming to find apartments in Brooklyn

After searching for available apartments around Brooklyn on the internet, it’s best you walk around the area. The walk will help you point out things that were not advertised on the internet. Look around for “Vacant apartment” signs and walk into those buildings to view the vacancies. You will be surprised at how easy it is to find a pad without the help of brokers who sometimes charge almost the price of the rent for their services.

Finding an apartment for rent in Brooklyn is no walk in the park but the above sources will get your desired pad sooner than you expected.

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