Ah, the search for a roommate in NYC, and the many things that come with finding one. You want someone that shares your interests, pays the bills on time, is friendly and responsible. And definitely clean. That’s pretty much what makes a roommate you love living with, right? But how does one go about finding a roommate they will LOVE in NYC?

Don’t worry, there’s some sanity in the chaos that comes with finding a roommate in NYC that you will love living with. Here’s what we have to say about this.

Be careful about rooming with friends.

Be careful doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it. Just think twice. The Roomi team put together a previous article that answers the infamous question, “Should I Become Roommates With My Friend?” There are pros and cons. Rooming with a friend has certain risks involved.

There are more kinds of roommates in New York than Haagan Daaz has flavors of ice cream. And yes, there are some nuts sprinkled in. But ultimately, New York City has roughly eight and a half million people in it, give or take a few hundred thousand. Somewhere out there is a good match for you that doesn’t require you to take risks with a friendship. Probability is in your favor. C’mon. That’s just science.

Get to know prospective roommates in depth.

Don’t spend fifteen minutes on a decision that could last for a year. A roommate is a big commitment. Maybe not as big as buying a car, but way more serious than buying a moped. If you want a helpful list of things to build your questions around, head over to this article, “7 Things To Check Before You Find A Roommate In NYC.”

Do more than one interview.

Talk to a person several times. Preferably at different points throughout the week. Try them on a Monday after work, the middle of the week, and on a Saturday or Sunday.

Lots of people can put a smile on their faces and hold it for fifteen minutes if they squeeze real tight. Not so many can maintain that throughout the week. New York City is overflowing with cool little café’s. Meet them somewhere public and have a coffee. Multiple interviews will give you a much better idea of who this person is and whether or not you’re compatible with them.

Don’t wait until you need to find a roommate before you start searching.

If rent is right around the corner, you’ll be panicked and prone to making a rash decision. This could backfire if you’re new BFF can’t actually pay rent and is hoping to find a job over the next month or several years, whichever comes first.

Use references and chat apps.

Chat apps can be a great way to get to know someone a little at a time. If you’re already using Roomi, then you’re covered with our secure chat app. Another option is to get a minimum of three references. Prepare a list of questions ahead of time and give them a call.

How did you meet your favorite roommate? Post your comments below.

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