Finding a perfect room definitely involves serious work. Not only do you have to find a safe neighborhood and compatible roommates, but you also have the added challenge of securing a room that is friendly to your wallet. But how can you make this process easier? By choosing to use the best room finder. This page will introduce and compare two-room finder apps: IRoommates and IRoommates’ alternative— Roomi. We’ll guide you through their features, pricing, and security to help you figure out which is best.

Features: What filters & preferences do these room finders offer to help you find your perfect room?

You probably have an idea of the preferences that suit your needs. You may prefer to live alone in an apartment that permits dogs and smoking, for example. Or, you may be looking to live with a roommate who doesn’t have any pets. It might be exhausting to speak with many housemates or landlords individually. But how do you look for them specifically? Worry no more. Here, we will discuss the various features of the best room finder apps, Roomi and IRoommates, have to offer you.

No fee apartments

The “no broker charge” feature in the IRoomates app and website lets you search for postings with no additional costs on top of your rent. Whereas all listings on IRoomates alternative, Roomi, are entirely free! That means you’ll know precisely how much the accommodation will cost you up front, with no sneaky surprises while you find rooms to rent.

Pet-friendly apartments

Apps and Websites like IRoommates or IRoommates alternative, Roomi, let you filter only pet-friendly apartments. And on any individual listing, they indicate whether or not the apartment is pet-friendly. Roomi takes it a step further by allowing you to select listings that allow pets other than dogs and cats as well.


You may post available rooms on Roomi and IRoommates rather than the entire apartment. To make it simpler to market available rooms, Roomi permits listers to have more than one active listing at a time. IRoommates alternative, Roomi, makes it easier to sublet responsibly by allowing you to request background checks from possible housemates. You may also safely communicate with them via the app or website, making it the best room finder app and website.

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Filtering rooms based on amenities

You can filter facilities on websites like IRoommates by putting in the amenity you’re looking for, such as laundry, elevator, and air conditioning. However, when you have a lot of preferences to add, this becomes a tad bit tedious when trying to find rooms for rent.

Roomi, on the other hand, already has over fifteen amenities listed that you may use to sort your listings! Roomi recognizes that each user has unique requirements. As a result, the room search software on Roo encourages users to filter rooms based on the features they desire, bringing them closer to the place of their dreams. Roomi is clearly the best room finder and an IRoommates alternative based on this feature.

Filtering rooms based on Listing Type

Users can simply sift through the many types of listings on Roomi. You can only look at linked postings if you’re comfortable with shared rooms. It’s simple to look through accommodations that are specifically customized to your preferences. In addition to the entire location, IRoommates alternative, Roomi, allows you to select by shared room or private room.

IRoommates allow users to filter by house type. However, you can only filter by whether you want to live in a house, an apartment or loft. You cannot select based on preferences for renting an entire home or opting out of sharing rooms, as you can with Roomi.

Filtering rooms based on House Rules

Do you have specific house rules like no boys allowed or no alcohol? Roomi makes your search more accessible by providing another fantastic feature to filter rooms based on house rules. IRoommates alternative, Roomi, includes a list of over 10 house rules from which to pick when filtering your searches. Before you agree to move in, use this method to ensure that you and your possible roommates are on the same page. Unfortunately, other apps and websites like IRoommates do not yet have the option to filter rooms based on house rules.

Pricing: Are these room finder apps free or paid?

Everything great comes at a price. Is this true, though, while looking for the best room finder app? That’s why we looked into how much it costs to utilize IRoommates alternative, Roomi, and IRoommates. Here’s a breakdown of how much their plans cost and what you receive for your money.

Roomi’s free plan has a range of features that are ideal for most listers. When you pay $29.99 a month for Roomi Gold, though, you can do much more.

IRoommates also has a free access membership and also offers full access membership. These membership costs vary per state and area of interest. All full access memberships are valid for 90 days and expire automatically.

Allowing Free Listings

At any given moment, all Roomi users can have at least two current listings. By subscribing to the Roomi Gold membership or purchasing listing credits, you may boost it to 5. You can have up to 50 active listings on your profile if you buy listing credits individually.

You can list on the IRoommates platform, but they have different pricing for different areas and a “don’t show me that info” option for a premium listing.

Listings on IRoommate will also appear on other websites like Sublet and more.

In-app messaging

Roomi makes it simple to communicate with listers; even those on the most basic plan may use the in-app messaging system to send secure messages to listers. A Roomi Gold membership, on the other hand, grants you access to unlimited in-app messaging, allowing you to get to know your lister (and possible roommate) better.

When you’re on the basic plan on IRoommates, you can only contact a certain amount of individuals. While you are free to express your interest, you can only read the messages of other free listers. After you upgrade your account, you can reach many more people and even see who has visited your profile or listing.

Security: How do these apps ensure that the listings are credible?

If you’re relocating to a new place, one of the most significant factors is safety. You should always check to see if the room finder website or app you’re using takes this into account while looking for a place to stay. It pays to do your homework whether it comes to reliable tenants, housemates, or neighborhoods.

To check that you are a real person, IRoommates asks you to verify your email address for verification. Roomi takes a few additional precautions to protect you and your personal information. To begin, the team only offers you rooms that have been advertised by persons whose contact information has been confirmed. Listers can verify their profiles in a variety of ways, and the amount of verification is shown for you to view. Second, you may submit a listing to Roomi’s 24/7 moderation staff if you believe something is incorrect with it. Overall, it’s a fantastic UI that prioritizes your privacy and security!

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So, Which Is the Best Room Finder For You?

You may put your worries about finding the right room to rest by discovering the best room finder interface. But which one is it, exactly? When looking for a place to live in a new location, using a room finder is a wonderful way to make your life easier! The ideal website for renting rooms is one that allows you to find everything you need in one location with little effort on your part.

IRoommates is a decent room-finding software; however, Roomi ticks all the boxes as perfect room finder. To summarize, when you book with Roomi, you can be confident that your accommodation will have all of the facilities you require and that your personal information will be kept private. You may also be certain that you’ll only be sharing your space with the individuals you pick.

It’s never been simpler to find the right room, so get the Roomi app now!

Roomi is your one-stop option to list or find rooms, find roommates to settle into a new city easily. Download the app and sign up today!