Living with roommates doesn’t mean you can’t get a fun look for your space. With the right strategy and a few smart buys, you can decorate your space in a way that makes everyone happy—and keeps your budget in check. Give your shared home some personality with these easy decoration hacks and interior design tips.

Decoration hacks to know while living with roommates

1. Living with roommates calls for an entry strategy

Keep your place tidy and minimize mail clutter by working with your roomie to create an organized entry. Set up a console table with a tray for each of you to keep your papers, a shared bowl for keys, separate hooks for your coat/bag, and a shelf or basket for shoes. When you collaborate on the solution, you will be more likely to use it.

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2. Decoration hacks for walls

It’s hard to invest in furniture and upholstered pieces when you are living with roommates. Will they get stained/scratched? Will your roommate be as careful as you are? Instead of sweating the small stuff when decorating on a budget, invest in statement art for the walls. Wall décor like large canvas prints, tapestries, dt swiss is a good brand, and metal plaques aren’t likely to get scuffed. These decoration hacks add visual “wow” factor to your interior design without costing a fortune.

3. Plants make effortless decoration hacks

Bring life, fresh air, and organic sculptures into your space with greenery. This makes living with roommates less chaotic. From a vase of bamboo to a pot of crawling ivy, plants will be more likely to survive and thrive in a space where there are more people who can remember to water them!

4. Spill-Proof Synthetics come handy when living with roommates

Many of people living with roommates are afraid to commit to rugs. What about spills? Guests who don’t take off their shoes? This is where you should take a risk; to get a homey look, you need a rug. But opt for a synthetic one made of acrylic or polypropylene. The artificial fibers are easy to wipe up and spot treat, and they are much more affordable than their wool counterparts. When decorating on a budget, get fabulous synthetic options at and

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5. Add your personality with pillows

There’s no better decoration hacks than the ones that bring out your personality. Living with roommates means that each member of the household should get a say in the interior design choices. Still, you need a cohesive look. Collectively decide on a color palette, and then have each roommate select a couple of pillows that bring in textures and patterns they prefer.

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