We are officially reaching the first anniversary of Coronavirus lockdown. By now, you surely have cycled through all the comfy casual clothes in your wardrobe closet. Perhaps it was hours of being stuck inside our homes, or maybe the unlimited Marie Kondo binge-watching. We are all craving better organization at home. And what better way to use your quaran-time than through DIY closet organizer hacks?

Before we give you those DIY closet organizer hacks…

Before we get into it Marie Kondo style, we must halt, pause and take a deep think about what we are getting ourselves into. While you may feel like a closet organizer mogul when you first see DIY organizing hacks on Pinterest, try to not bite off more than you can chew.

Take it from Jamie and Fillip Hord, the professional organizers and founders of Horderly. Start with a small section of your closet when going through a wardrobe closet organizer revamp. That way, it’s easier to keep the madness under control.

Fine, one step at a time. Are we ready for those DIY organizing hacks yet? WAIT!


Don’t. Forget. To. Declutter.

Use this Discardian tip from Dinah Sanders to begin that deep decluttering process of your wardrobe closet: Turn around all the hangers in your closet, so their pointy ends face towards you (yes, the wrong side). Now, each time you wear a specific item of clothing, turn the hanger back around the correct way. At the end of six months, see how many clothes have been worn and donate away!

Discardian closet organizer method of decluttering. Source: Pexel.

Closet organizer DIY hacks to elevate your wardrobe closet aesthetic

No matter if you have a walk-in closet you have been secretly using for private bedroom pop concerts or a shoebox closet that is spilling out into your room monstrously. These DIY closet organizer hacks are here to save the day. Or shall we say, save the aesthetic?

DIY Hacks for your wardrobe closet #1: Exactly what meets the eye

This is perhaps the golden wardrobe closet organizer rule. When you own a lot of stuff, you use only what you see. If you’re running out (ok, maybe just to your laptop) for that meeting, you always wear the first thing you see. So how about you put things you use most at eye level?

The efficiency. The finesse.

Source: Pinterest.

Place the items you use most front and center in your wardrobe closet to make them easily accessible. Source: Pinterest.

Organizing DIY hacks #2: Wire baskets/ clear shelves

Wire baskets offer the perfect crossover between aesthetic and closet organizer visibility. Don’t be afraid to use as many as you want and of different sizes.

You’ll know exactly what’s inside. Plus, they offer a rustic/ Pinterest feel no matter where placed.

Source: Pinterest.

Additionally, clear organizer drawers add an almost Barbie-like feel to your closet. Polished on the outside, organized on the inside. Best DIY closet organizer hacks ever.

Source: Pinterest.

#3: Over-the-door mirrors

Yes, this might be reminiscent of $5 Walmart over the door mirrors from your college dorm room— but hear us out!

Over the door mirrors can instantly maximize the look and feel of your wardrobe closet, while visually adding to the actual “space”. The bonus? You can look at yourself while you dress!

Source: Pinterest.

In case you have a walk-in closet (bless those of you), a mirror instantly turns your closet into a mini-dressing room. Dream closet anyone?

Source: Pinterest.

#4 Pegboard mounted inside closet door

Okay so while we are on the wardrobe closet/ dressing room trail, let us talk about adding a pegboard to increase the organization level of smaller items.

You can place little items like sunglasses, mini umbrellas, or make-up items— even customize them with photos to add a personalized touch.

Source: Pinterest.

#5 Labels, labels, labels are everything

Pop-out that label maker and add gold plates for an inexpensive yet chic DIY hack. You will never again wonder which shelves are meant for what— label away!

Source: Pinterest.

P.S. This aesthetic SCREAMS Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel feels!

#6 Garment rack (on wheels, preferably!)

Undoubtedly a growing trend within wardrobe closet styles. This would entail an open garment rack that you can choose decorate however you want, and curate and put up your trendiest clothes on display in any corner of the room. Oh of course- it adds ease of access + visibility.

Source: Pinterest.

Does anyone else feel like they’re on Devil wears prada?

Happy DIY-ing from Roomi, you closet organizer nerds!


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