Whether you plan a party to celebrate the festivities or decide to stay indoors with the roomis bingeing on movies and cooking delicious meals, your home should be somewhere you can relax and recharge.

Since we stay home so often now, things may seem a little boring once the festivities end. With that in mind, cleaning and organizing your room, and rearranging the furniture could be a great way to break the monotony and revamp your space. We promise it’ll be fun!

And for the hoarders among us, give your home a refresh; it could be exactly what you need to start the new year in the right way.

No matter which species of hibernator you belong to this winter season, here’s your guide to rearranging your home. Make the New Year feel even more shiny and brand new.

1. Clean, Clean, Clean

Just like us (thanks 2020), our homes have started to gather up dust. And there’s no better time than the holidays to deep clean your room (and the whole apartment) well.

If the winter blues are getting you down, cleaning is something that can actually be quite meditative. Allow the process of cleaning to take your mind off of the daily stresses of life. Then chill, lay on the bed and admire your work once you’ve successfully cleaned and organized your room. Sit back and feel the bliss!

2. A space to NOT BREAK your new year resolutions

If you make a new year’s resolution to get fit or start learning a new skill every year, only to end up breaking it with each coming new year – you can blame your home environment for it! If you only cook up ideas on how you’ll shed the extra pounds or learn the piano without making space for it, then chances are you’ll forget to make it happen.

Why not clean and organize your room, and create a space (a small corner will do!); here, you can undertake each resolution goal and actually take steps to reach it!

3. Deep clean your room: Make space in your closet

Remember the magical worlds through the closet in Narnia? Now, remember how the closets looked? They were tidy, and had the space in them that could lead to the adventures. So apart from cleaning and organizing your room on the outside, clean the inside too!

While we don’t know if you’ll be able to transcend into a magical world, it will definitely help to give a new look and feel to your home. You shouldn’t let piles of clothes fill up inside just because you can close them shut behind you. Clean and organize your room by getting rid of the extra stuff.

4. ‘Tis the season to DIY

Buying decor for your apartment isn’t as fun as making it! Keep your room clean and organized with some DIY. So, keep those hands warm with DIY decor; use the money you save to buy beautiful gifts for roomis, friends, and family this festive season!

Bonus: You’ll have something more creative to do apart from endless Netflix binges during the holidays!

5. More of the green, green stuff

It’s always a good time to get your hands on the green stuff. MORE PLANTS! There are many websites you can buy plants from.

Or, make a quick visit to your nearest nursery. Stock up on winter greenery to make your home feel fresher and greener in the new year. Plants are always a good idea after you deep clean your room.

6. Let go of the things you haven’t used in 2020

A great tip for decluttering and tidying up your home this new year is to let go of the past! Look around your home. See some stuff you keep saying you’ll use, but never actually do?

When you’ve been at home all year long, and there are still things you’ve never used, what’s your excuse? The hard fact is that it may be time to find the stuff that has been gathering dust. Let go of these to clean and organize your room…and your mind!

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