This year, virtual Christmas party ideas have endless possibilities. Whether it is company christmas party ideas or food ideas, we got you!

Christmas behind closed doors would have been unthinkable last year, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t spread Christmas cheer with your loved ones this year. A global pandemic may be to blame for changing tradition, but it’s our responsibility to deal with it the right way. The answer the most fun virtual Christmas party ideas you can imagine! Whether you need company Christmas party ideas or Christmas party food ideas, we got you!

All you need is a positive attitude and enough enthusiasm to throw a virtual Christmas party. An online party is great to build connections and keep family and work ties solid, no matter how far away the guests are. The possibilities for a virtual Christmas party are virtually endless. You can adapt any of the ideas below to suit your guests and keep the festive cheer flowing throughout.

Virtual Christmas Party idea #1: A Virtual costume party

This is one game the entire family can participate in, but be sure to give them enough notice so they can prepare their costumes! The kids will especially enjoy this party, and you can kick it up a notch by giving away prizes for the best dressed, most interesting costume, most colorful, and so on.

Virtual Christmas Party idea #2: Secret Santa

This game requires you to plan well in advance. We know that gift-giving can be challenging when you are celebrating at a distance, so you can buy and ship gifts to your loved ones and open them together in real-time. You can mutually decide on the budget for each gift and then send everyone a family member’s name so that they can buy them something to cheer them up! It’s best to decide a few weeks in advance so that everyone can make sure their gifts arrive on time.

On the day, get everyone to take turns opening their gift in front of the camera so the others can see the expression on their faces. The challenge for them is to figure out who their Secret Santa is. This game is fun, and an excellent way to add a little bit of excitement to your celebration.

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Virtual Christmas Party idea #3: Organize a remote potluck

Food brings the family closer and is a big part of family get-togethers, especially at Christmas. Even in a virtual Christmas celebration, remember that you can still eat as a family from a distance.

For a remote ‘potluck,’ ask everyone to prepare their favorite meal to enjoy together. This is a great way to share Christmas party food ideas as well. You can challenge each person to showcase their plate and share the recipe with the rest of the family. Easy, breezy for you and your pocket this festive season!

4. Christmas cocktails or mocktails

If having a hot beverage is a tradition in your family, you can still enjoy this virtually! Ask everyone to create their favorite cocktail/mocktail and share the recipe with everyone else. If your extended family is large, you could consider creating a family cocktail recipe book and distributing it to everyone after the event!

5. Time for some carols!

A virtual Christmas celebration wouldn’t be complete without carols and a singalong. Ask all members to send their favorite Christmas carol ahead of time to ensure everyone gets to enjoy their favorite song. If you have musicians in your family, encourage them to form a virtual band to make your singalong more special.

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6. Virtual talent show

There are fewer opportunities for one-on-one conversations in virtual parties. Keeping that in mind, hosting a talent show can be an excellent idea to keep the family engaged and entertained. Give everyone a few weeks of prep time to prepare a song, dance, or skit, and give them their 5 minutes of fame this Christmas!

7. Ho-ho-ho holiday games

From ornament crafting to festive team photos and holiday swag bags, there are so many holiday themed family games you can play with your loved ones to make your virtual holiday party the most wonderful time of the year.

If distance, sickness, or a global pandemic are keeping you from seeing your loved ones in person this holiday season, we hope these virtual Christmas celebration ideas inspire you to get creative and find ways to make the season as unique as can be! Fun part: Games always make for great for company Christmas party ideas as well!

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