Is it just us, or did everyone start shopping for the holidays earlier this year? We started seeing Christmas trees and fairy lights sometime in November, too. It seems that some extra sparkle and a little festive cheer is just what we all need this year. Shopping small has also become a greater than the sum of it’s parts kind of concern this year. But what do you do when you wish to be shopping small but are comepletely out of your wits when it comes to Christmas gift ideas?

You can extend that festive cheer to friends and family too. Even if you’re celebrating Christmas on a budget, that doesn’t mean you can’t give genuinely good Christmas gifts that show your family, friends and partner that you’re thinking about them – and that together, you can make 2021 better than this year!

However, this year, we’re urging you to put in that little bit of extra thought when coming up with Christmas gift ideas. We love the convenience of Amazon as much as the next person – but think of the smaller retailers that have been hit hardest by the pandemic. They need you right now to thrive. To help, we’ve gathered some independent stores in the US so you can shop small this holiday season.

Remember: when you buy from a small business, a real person does a little happy dance.

The endless list of Christmas gift ideas at KES NYC!

The story behind KES is an inspirational one. The brand was founded by Lia Kes, a designer from Northern Israel. She learned to use a sewing machine at the age of 12, taught by the women in the sewing workshop in her community. She went on to earn a fashion degree in Tel Aviv, before relocating to New York City, where KES was launched.

Featured in the likes of Vogue, Forbes and Bazaar, KES makes fashion garments for stylish women. This year, the brand got a name for its sustainable, breathable and washable face masks – ones that actually look good. Some of their stand-out products in the range are face masks that match a range of skin complexions.

Pineapple Collaborative and their extensive list of christmas gifting ideas!

Like all community-focused independents, Pineapple Collaborative stemmed from a conversation between a group of friends in 2015. They do what they do to support women, farmers, creatives, producers and chefs, and they’ve been busy creating an inclusive place where people can celebrate their individuality. 

If you’re looking for Christmas gift ideas for the food lover in your life, check out their collection. You’ll find that pantry staples have had a cool makeover, and the gift sets look delicious.

Shopping small and responsibly at YORK Athletics

Looking for Christmas gifts for your boyfriend, your mom, or another fitness enthusiast in your life? Give them an edge in their game and shop with YORK Athletics, the unisex footwear brand that has been manufacturing quality sportswear in New England since 1946! The 3rd generation of the York family now run the show, and have picked up some impressive awards along the way.

Their sports footwear for men and women continues to put them on the map for the high quality they offer to both top athletes and underdogs.

Shangri-La Records

Music is always a good Christmas gift idea, and Shangri-La is an independent record store in Memphis, Tennessee that makes the list because of how well it’s thrived since its inception. Originally opened in 1988 by Sherman Willmott, Shangri-La used to be a place that customers could take a “vacation for the mind and body”, with floatation tanks and massages! The idea was a bit ahead of its time back then, and it gradually transitioned into a record store.

Records make an affordable Christmas gift and are a personal present that your recipient will treasure forever. Show your friend just how much you really know them!

Truffle Shuffle!

A true success story for this independent store. Truffle Shuffle began as an eBay project between two friends, Pat and Claire, who ventured into the world of retro t-shirts to make their impact on the fashion world. This independent loves all things old-school, so if you’re looking for good Christmas gifts for the quirky geek or 90’s nostalgic queen in your life, shuffle on over.

The range of retro tees covers  all budgets and obsessions – from Care Bears to Beetlejuice.

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